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Hello From South Carolina!

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Hello everyone! New here and new to overlanding. Bought my new Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro a week ago...yup just hit 500 miles yesterday at Gulches off road Park in SC! Was mainly a tourist while I was there as it came with factory steps on it that I didn't want....so had to be careful about sliding on Rocks. It was the last one available in Calvary Blue in the country so I had to kinda deal with some factory add ons that I didn't necessarily I want.

That being said. I learned a lot on that trip. I used to have a 96 Jeep Cherokee and would beat the paint off of it no problem. It was also a tank but not nearly as pretty as my new Toy. I don't want to destroy this thing.

I learned at Gulches that the style that I like the most is overlanding. Not crazy rock crawling or mud bogging. I want to Overland and need to learn more about it and what I need to get over the next couple years.

Problem is I'm not really in the position to overhaul this thing with the protection it needs to properly do what I want without damaging it too much. (bumpers, rock sliders, skid plates, etc...) I do want to use it the way it needs to be used. Its just begging for it in the driveway! Haha.

If there's any places that I could legally take a TRD Pro off road for a weekend without having too crazy of obstacles just yet please let me know!

Searching for this seems to be pretty hard for me. So far all I've found that could be good for me here in South Carlolina for now is Outer Banks in North Carolina. Haha. Feel free to let me know more. I'm here to learn and meet some like minded people!

Thanks for Having Me!