Figuring out how to utilize new storage

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So recently I was gifted a few things. One of which was a Yukon Outfitters Overwatch Tactical Sling, and the other was a really big ammo can. NgGpwfs.jpg

So I'm trying to figure out what to put in them. Any suggestions?

I can of course get MOLLE pouches and such to use with this bag as well. Currently I have my machete strapped to the side of the bag, but I may take that off to make it a bit more "public friendly"

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I like to use an ammo can as storage for my chainsaw kit. Gloves, ear pro, wedges, extra chain, extra 2-stroke oil, files and raker gauges. Bar oil and mixed gas stay in the bed with the saw.

Might be good for storing recovery gear. Or make some partitions for it to organize a few smaller things like spare batteries or a tool kit.

The pack would make a good day pack or incorporate a first aid/trauma kit to fit your needs.
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