DIY Fridge Slide

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Hey guys !

A fridge is very convenient out there in the wild but sometimes it's a bit tricky to access because of the hatch opening or the weight of the fridge itself
So, you need a fridge slide !
You can buy one BUT they are very expensive.

That's why I decided to build my own and to make a video about it to inspire and motivate you to do the same ! It's really not difficult and you are gonne save a lot of money !
Check it out !


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That is awesome! If you have not come up with a lock you might think about locking clamps such as these on Amazon. The press in locking pin may keep it from accidentally releasing if something bumps it while on those rough trails. You could mount the latch on your upright and the hook on the outside of the slide. If you made your uprights a bit taller you could use a buckle style cinch strap to hold the fridge to them.