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  • (It didnt all fit, sorry)

    We are with very little recovery gear though and we are only one Suzuki Jimny with a trailer so it will have to be really easy offroad or if you or someone you know are going these days id love to come with?

    Hi Alnsm, (Sorry i dont know your name!)

    My name is Peter i live in the Netherlands. I am swedish but i live here.

    ANyway, in about two weeks i will be going to France. Really we are going to south of France but, if your up to it, maybe you can give me some tips on nice offroad somewhere in your area?

    We will be leaving on the 24th or 25th.
    Hey mate and thank for you comment !
    I'm not really in the South of France because I'm only 1h from Paris ...
    We have some nice landscapes and a few trails but I recommand you to keep your time for the South of France !
    There is a lot more to see down there with the Pyrénéennes and the Alps ! You can check on the website (or the app) wikiloc to find some good tracks !
    Stay safe and enjoy your trip ! (And if you have any problems, don't hesistae to send me a message ;)
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