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Anyone who has ever met me knows I love to spend money on toys. The thing is that I'm kinda cheap at the same time. I want to get the most bang for the buck. I'm also very much a form-follows-function kinda person. Throw into that mix that I prefer to build thinks myself and the fact that I love to take existing materials I have laying around and re purposing them and you'll begin to understand my builds. So this trailer build started life as a dump trailer that was given to me. I've had it for a good ten years of so before I began any modifications. It has hauled a lot of mulch and gravel over the year. We have even used it to carry our kayaks from time to time. I restore and build custom motorcycles and so this little Sno Bear trailer was called into service for that endeavor too. As I began to get into overlanding I found that I didn't just want to drive and camp. I have been camping out of (and in ) the FJ for years but it just didn't let me take all the toys. So I began to look around the garage for what I had laying around that I could use to build up the trailer from a suburban mulch hauler to an adventure brawler. I had already installed motorcycle wheel chokes in the bed of the little Sno Bear. I found a old ladder rack that I had bought for the Taco'. My wife didn't like them for a kayak rack so I had them just laying around. I had always wanted a roof top tent too. So one day as I was sniffing around Craig's list looking for used overlanding gear I came across a used Tuff Stuff Ranger tent. The deal was too good to pass up so I pulled the trigger. I started to put it all together one night like Johnny Cash and ended up with what you see now. I added a set of kayak carriers to the side to carry the boats and the next thing you know I'm the proud owner of an adventure trailer. I still want to put on some larger leaf springs and wheels and tires to match my FJ. I'm also working on a shower made out of some 6th barrels and a CO2 tank as well as a composting toilet. Stay tuned for updates on this little DIY monster.

$0 Trailer
$30 Wheel Choke
$40 Kayak Carriers
$800 RTT
$870 Total



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Your trailer is looking great. I like the design. Mine is a "custom" model as well. (Aka homemade) There are things I would change but mine was built by a friend back in the early 90's and I got it for free after it sat on his dad's property for many years. "Beggars can't be choosers" applies here. I'm very happy with it and one of these days I'll get around to doing a build video or thread. In the meantime here's a picture of what I've got so far. I've done a ton of work on it and it is a project that never really ends. Keep up the good work.