Camping in the Bay Area?

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My wife and I are driving up to Petaluma to buy some parts for my crawler over Memorial Day weekend and I'm looking for a place to camp a night or two. We prefer dispersed camping but I don't know the area very well so campgrounds are ok for this trip. We won't be doing any wheeling on this trip, it's a parts run with some fun and sight seeing involved. As much as I'd love to wander off into the mountains for a day or two, we'll be staying near the highways, beaches and cities. Any suggestions?


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Where are you coming from? Big basin in the South Bay is a good spot. Great for kids too if u have any.

Look up Bodega Bay, Point Reyes and Sonoma. Those cities are along the coast near Petaluma. Good luck!

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Big Basin and Samuel P Taylor are good suggestions, but I would go with Pantoll Campground at Mount Tamalpais. Awesome views and close to Petaluma.