US Southwest AluCab Shadow Awn 270 Awning Alu Cab Never Installed 270 Awning With Brackets, Load Bars

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Good luck with the sale. We have been useing the ARB 2500 awning and Deluxe awning room for camping for about 2 years now. Absolutely love it for the price.

I would love to purchase one of those from you, but it's not in the cards currently... Unless my forester sells suddenly for more than its worth, lol.


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hello send your reasonable offers. Worst that can happen is I say no. Just don't low ball me either. Realize what you're buying, read the description.


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I have 2 (TWO) never used 270 AluCab Shadow Awn awnings for sale. Both are RHS and open from the PASSENGER SIDE and out. Both were never installed and have no puncture holes in the case that are usually done when they are installed on brackets.

Both were purchased for Ram Promaster service vehicles but never installed; service vehicles are gone so I have no need for these anymore. I was going to transfer one to my Ram truck and the other to the Jeep, but my truck rack Leitner Designs doesn't have brackets for these readily available and I don't have a TIG welder to make my own out of stainless. And my Jeep has a soft top on it currently and no rack. So they've been sitting in my work shop collecting dust now and need to go. They are brand new never installed and have no tears or stains. The covers have no tears or holes yet from installing to brackets. They look dusty because I recently did drywall in my shop and it got really dusty in there.

One comes with Universal mounts from AluCab and hardware/instructions, and also bought the load bars

The other comes without the universal mounts and no hardware (can be easily bought at Home Depot) but it does have the extra load bars


  • Length (when closed): 2.6m
  • Weight: 24kg
  • Shade Area: 10 m2
  • Construction: Aluminium
  • Fitment Brackets: Various options available, attaching to strong roof rack, tents, campers or load bars
  • Orientation: RHS

All specs can be found on either or link up there ^^^^

Avoid the tax and crazy shipping from Australia or anywhere else in the states as these things are pretty heavy duty.


$1400 for the RHS Shadow Awn with brackets, hardware, load bars


$1300 for the RHS Shadow Awn without brackets, without hardware, WITH load bars
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The price new with added load bars is $1,618.95 from ok4wd. Save a couple hundred getting an open box one.
are there still available? id be ready to go for 1k