Air-down trailer as well?

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Air down trailer tires?

  • Yes

    Votes: 12 63.2%
  • No

    Votes: 5 26.3%
  • Depends (elaborate in your post)

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I have air bags that I air down for washboard roads, and sometimes if it is really bad, I do the tires as well. Offroad, since the trailer is light, has shocks and air bags, I rarely air down the tires.

Shocks are well worth the money on a trailer if you don't want it bouncing around and beating itself to death.
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No I do not air down my trailer tires, on my Dinoot M Series adventure trailer I installed shocks (1st 2 pic's) I run 45lbs in General Grabber AT 2 215x75Rx15" , or my current new built Runaway Range Runner I just finished the suspension & install shocks also to this square drop trailer today (last 2 pic's) I run 45lbs in General Grabber ATX 235x75Rx15. I see no need to "for me" this will help to manage the axle spring movement & providing a smoother ride on those dirt roads & trails.
I carry a portable on-board compressor for deflate & inflate for my truck tire 265x75Rx16 Cooper AT Discorvery 2's
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Thanks folks. Good to know. I took the beast for a quick ride this morning and drove the road with full air in the trailer tires. When I opened the trailer it looked like it had been pick upside down and shaken like a martini. We then air them down to 25lbs and drove back the road we came in on. What a difference in the tow feel. Much smoother, and when we stopped to air back up the trailer was hardly shaken at all. I guess the answer is pretty clear. if I want to make smoothies in the frig while going over bumpy roads, don't air down. Otherwise, its smart and effective to air down the trailer too. And it took less than 5 minutes to air back up including getting out the Viair and hooking it up, and putting it away too !!
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