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  1. Ranger Explorer

    PSI Recommendations

    I'm a newbie to this form and a newbie overlander. Most of the trails I explore are a combination of lose mud, dirt and really rough gravel and rocks (also deep snow). I am sure this is an over asked question, but I am looking for psi advice/recommendations. I am running 32 x 11.5 BFGK02's on...
  2. BeastModeABM

    Street Tire PSI When Off Road

    He guys I have stock STREET tires on my rig. Max PSI recommended is 45 - how low should I be able to go without risking popping out of the bead? I've been going down to 30 PSI. I'd like to improve my overall traction on rock/sand.
  3. Winterpeg

    Air-down trailer as well?

    When you are taking a trailer off-road do you guys air down your trailer tires as well? I've heard this can be detrimental as it will add to trailer sway back and forth. I've got heavier duty trailer tires on my trailer so they have a nice stiff sidewall to prevent the side to side movement...