Europe - Adventure Overland "Spring" Show - 04/26/2019 | OVERLAND BOUND COMMUNITY

Europe Adventure Overland "Spring" Show - 04/26/2019

Discussion in 'Overland Bound Meetups' started by Polaris Overland, Jan 27, 2019.

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  1. Polaris Overland

    Polaris Overland West Europe Region Director
    Staff Member Moderator Member Supporter +

    Newtonhill, Aberdeenshire,
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    Don't miss the first big show of the year!

    A great chance for members to meet up, view a huge number of different styles of overlanding vehicles and equipment.
    Informative presentations by experienced overlanders and adventurers. Trade stands with show special offers.

    Overland Bound BBQ on the Saturday evening for those who want to come!

    Just give your names to @Polaris Overland and he will make the arrangements.[​IMG]

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  2. Mike King

    Mike King Rank II

    Kent UK
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    Hope to make it for 1day prob Saturday subject to wife’s commitments
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