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  1. JDavid

    OB Iberian Rally?

    So... Could there be interest in a rally that aims at gathering OB members (and friends), around the practice and spirit of overlanding in the Iberian peninsula? Your thoughts below!
  2. Polaris Overland

    West Europe - The Ultimate Road Trip - North Coast 500

    THE ULTIMATE ROAD TRIP The new scenic route showcasing fairy-tale castles, white sand beaches and historical ruins - Scotlands answer to Route 66. The NC500 starts in the northern city of Inverness, weaves along the west coast to Applecross and then northwards towards the towns of Torridon and...
  3. Robert OB 33/48

    Achterhoek Event

    Just a nice weekend out with friends, visiting old and new tracks, doing things together, BBQ and such. We can provide around 5 to 7 Rigs at our place. More we need to find a campspot nearby.
  4. Robert OB 33/48

    The Matterhorn experience

    A trip through most of the Mid Europe countries. The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and then into Italy. The end is a photoshoot with the Matterhorn as background.
  5. 76_overlander

    Monegros desert : Ruta de Jubierre

    5 days exploring the desert of Monegros and the Ruta de Jubierre
  6. Robert OB 33/48

    Cancelled LRCH holiday fair and Dragonriders Travel tour - 03/22/2019

    Camping from Friday till sunday. A tour on the saturday and visiting the fair on sunday View Rally Point Details
  7. Polaris Overland

    A Weekend In Scotland Exploring The Loch Lomond And Trossachs National Park.

    Spend a weekend in Scotland exploring Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. Due to campsites now being unwilling to take our group the camping is now going to be For the Friday and Saturday night...
  8. 76_overlander

    Time for a change...

    Hi folks, After a great long chat with (thanks for your generosity and time) i think it’s time to sell my Jeep Wrangler. This is still a struggle to me but i think i need to open my eyes and accept some facts here… My jeep is unique. I love it. And i hate it. I love the fact...
  9. Robert OB 33/48

    Second Winter camping and trip - 02/22/2019

    Again, doing some nice camping, enjoying the evenings at the campfire and company. Saturday a nice trip and on the sunday a short one. View Rally Point Details
  10. 76_overlander

    2 days journey in old Land Rovers

    Hey guys, here is a short film i made about a 2 days trip i organized for friends vintage Land Rover enthusiasts in south west France. We ended the trip in a forgotten military field so if you see this pink machine in the sand, it is an old french army tank abandoned in the forest that was...
  11. Polaris Overland

    Adventure Overland "Spring" Show - 04/26/2019

    Don't miss the first big show of the year! A great chance for members to meet up, view a huge number of different styles of overlanding vehicles and equipment. Informative presentations by experienced overlanders and adventurers. Trade stands with show special offers. Overland Bound BBQ on the...
  12. 76_overlander

    Iraty, Pyrenees - 01/27/2019

    A beautiful trip heading to iconic Iraty in the French Pyrenees. There should be a good amount of snow up there. The idea is to take all the time we need / want to enjoy this little trip, have a hot drink up Iraty and then drive back home. 40% unpaved roads / 25% trails. View Rally Point Details
  13. ForumCube

    Please ignore -- Testing - 2 - 01/19/2019

    Testing View Rally Point Details
  14. Robert OB 33/48

    Overland Bound at Bad Kissingen Annual Meet up - 06/20/2019

    As last year was a good prelude or first time to have a great meet up with OB members, and the year before with Marco and David, now it seems to start to be a tradition. So therefor, here it is. The first real Annual Meet up for Overland Bound members at the biggest Expo for Overlanding in the...
  15. Robert OB 33/48

    Dragonriders Travel and ALNSM Overland Winter Trip - 02/01/2019

    A meet up with a tour on the saturday in the south of the Netherlands. Good fun, good food, good company. View Rally Point Details
  16. ForumCube

    Cancelled - Please ignore -- Testing - 12/13/2018

    Testing here Testing here Testing here Testing here Testing here Testing here Testing here Testing here Testing here Testing here Testing here Testing here Testing here Testing here Testing here Testing here View Rally Point Details
  17. Robert OB 33/48

    Northern Holland Weekend Trip - 12/07/2018

    A nice weekend with camping, trailing, cooking, fire and friends. View Rally Point Details
  18. Robert OB 33/48

    Just a week through France

    Hello folks, Here a small report about our trip through France. I am writing the report on the mid-Europe section, but here I will try to keep you informed as well. All the pictures are on my Facebook page. And here I will copy my report. Today is day 4 and it is time to hit the sack. Well...
  19. Robert OB 33/48

    Adventure Northside and a Overland Bound meet up - 10/05/2018 We are attending this event and hope to see some folks there from Overland Bound. Just having a good time and good talks. View Rally Point Details
  20. CR-Venturer

    70 Series Troopy import to NA from Europe?

    Hello, I'm playing with the idea of possibly importing a LHD 70 series Land Cruiser troopy from somewhere in europe, and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience buying vehicles from overseas. If I do eventually buy one, this would be quite a ways in the future, but I wanted to do some...