US Rocky Mountain 2018 Super Custom Overlanding Trailer

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Littleton, CO, USA
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Hi Folks,

I'm selling a really great go anywhere overlanding camper due to business concerns from COVID. Here is some more details. Let me know if your interested. Thanks for looking.

$11,400.00 / OBO (reasonably) Call Ken 720-635-5196 (Mobile)

Want amazing comfort without sacrificing the ability to go anywhere? Check out this custom build. This was built with go anywhere comfort in mind. Comparable overlanding campers from Hiker, BRX, Escape or Moab trailers are $18-35K!

Most commercial trailers build a box and place the wheel wells outside the box. This increases the overall width of the camper and causes the track to be much wider than most tow vehicles. The result is that the trailer follows a different arc than the tow vehicle and makes off-roading or backing up very difficult. This trailer was built to match the track of 4Runners and Jeeps with the box above the wheels. Not only does it track the tow vehicle near perfectly, but it adds massive ground clearance. At ~1,650 lbs dry weight and with a Lock-N-Roll fully articulating hitch and electric brakes, if you want to get off those gravel roads, this is for you.

It has significant internal storage and an 18-gallon water tank with external port and switch so you can wash hands or fill water bottles from the outside. It was designed to accommodate a Propex heater if you’d like to add it later, but we found that body heat alone keeps it very comfortable down into the low 20s with 1” of insulation in the walls. The Maxx fan keeps it nice and cool on warmer nights with the window/door cross ventilation. USB ports located in the front cabinet and next to the tailgate makes it easy to charge devices. Power is provided by the 100ah battery which is more than enough to run everything for days, but solar keeps it charged up nicely.
Pop the rear door and flip down the tail gate and a large drawer pull out to store your kitchen and other needs. We opted to not build in the kitchen but rather set up our kitchen away from our sleeping area. This concept evolved after 20 years of back country critter encounters. You can easily modify this drawer into a sink and cooking surface that slides out if preferred.

Physical Specs

  • 150” total length (including tongue)
  • 90” long camper itself
  • 61” wide
  • 80” tall, 83.5” with Maxx fan – will fit in a standard garage with some air let out of tires
  • 20.5” clearance to frame; 13.75” to axle
  • Track matches 4Runner
  • ~1650 lbs dry weight
  • Steel frame and box construction with 1” of insulation inside the walls
  • Aluminum sheet exterior walls/roof
  • Lock-N-Roll heavy duty fully articulating hitch
  • Electric drum brakes
  • 3,500 lbs axle
  • 17” Toyota wheels and 265/70/R17 C-load BFG T/A KO2 tires
  • 2” tow hitch receiver on rear to hold bike racks


  • 100 Amp-Hour deep cycle battery
  • LED light system with remote for any color/brightness combination
  • 50W solar system with room for additional panels
  • 4 USB charging ports + one 12v “cigarette lighter” receptacle
  • CO2 detector/fire alarm
  • Maxx fan with both speed and temperature settings
  • 7 pin tow controller wiring system
  • Charging: with solar; while towing from tow vehicle; or with an external trickle charger in the garage

Other Features

  • 4” thick full size super comfy mattress
  • 10 sq ft of storage on the tongue
  • 18 gallon water tank w/ electric pump for outdoor water uses (also gravity feed water ports to empty tank without using power)
  • Tailgate and rear hatch that opens on gas struts
  • 4.5 cubic feet full extension gear drawer under the sleeping floor pulls out rear
  • 6.7 cubic feet of secure underfloor storage (accessible from inside)
  • Cabinet storage inside front wall (several cubic feet)
  • Fire extinguisher

Please call me with any questions or to schedule a viewing. Ken 720-635-5196. Thanks much.