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  1. OutdoorTxs

    Slide out tray for "20" size cooler

    My teardrop trailer came with a coleman "fridge" that didnt cool very well, and used up alot of battery. So I pulled it out, an built this slide out tray to hold an RTIC 20 Cooler.
  2. K

    US Rocky Mountain 2018 Super Custom Overlanding Trailer

    Hi Folks, I'm selling a really great go anywhere overlanding camper due to business concerns from COVID. Here is some more details. Let me know if your interested. Thanks for looking. $11,400.00 / OBO (reasonably) Call Ken 720-635-5196 (Mobile) Want amazing comfort without sacrificing the...
  3. mo_rahn

    US Southeast SOLD!!! Squaredrop / Teardrop Camper - FOR SALE - $4500 obo

    Hey all, My wife and I are selling our beloved custom squaredrop camper. We have enjoyed using it, but change is inevitable. The trailer weighs in around 1000 lbs and tows very well. It’s extremely stable on and off-road. I added shocks to smooth out the bumps on the forestry service roads we...
  4. Todd & Meg

    Here is my teardrop build.

    I was asked by a few people to do a build tread here, so let's get started. Below was a copy and paste from another build thread I started. I started building in Nov of 2017 so just over a year now. I've had a few setbacks in that time, foot surgery and my mom passing where I lost time working...
  5. J

    FOR SALE Teardrop Trailer

    I’m selling my custom teardrop trailer. I just finished it this past spring and took it on a 6000mile road trip with no issues at all. It is a 5x8 Weighs 1360lbs Frame was built out of 1/4” steel All stainless steel hardware 3/4” birch plywood skinned with .040 aluminum Floor and roof...
  6. AmeriDeckMidwest

    Mobile Camping Pod design

    Ready to roll out new design. All aluminum camping pod mounts on AmeriDeck SuperDeck III for loading into suitable truck. Will be available in short or long-bed versions. Much more space than a teardrop. These are shells to be outfitted by the consumer. This pod weighs about #600 depending...
  7. Dean

    My "Poor Man's Teardrop" off-road camping trailer (M101 based)

    Background: Why a trailer? A few things contributed to my desire to have an enclosed off-road camping trailer. First, I was sick and tired of dealing with a tent. I found out the hard way I'm not as young as I once was (ow, my back), I waste a lot of time setting and packing up my tent...
  8. grantwilson

    TCTeardrops Trailer Video Walkthrough

    I personally love my trailer. Its been down a number of nasty places the Subaru has up here in the northeast. We stayed at a campground (not camping if theres a plug!) in RI the other weekend so figured I would do a video walkthrough after a number of people have asked.