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Wonder if anyone can help me out: I just started removing the struts to replace them, finally got the driver strut in place only to find out the replacement axle/spindle nut does not fit my axle : Dorman Spindle Lock Nut Kit 615-110.1 The 615-110 was suggested by O'Reilly's, Advanced Auto, and AutoZone.I'm guessing the thread pitch is a bit different. I've resorted to reinstalling the old axle nut until I can find a suitable replacement. Help please..

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I've got a couple of friends that want to go the AWD / cross over route. This will be motivating to them.


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The Pilot did really well in Uwharrie! Everyone who saw it action was blown away at the obstacles that it overcame in 1 shot! I owe my success to several factors

1) My custom front skidplate mod held up great! I hit it really hard at least 10 times

2) I had enough clearance... Barely LOL (I am actually working on a lift that is over 2.5" )

3) My 32" "skinny" Yokohama Geolandar G003 MT 235-85-16s put on a traction clinic on the wet clay! I truly believe they where the perfect tire to cut through the clay and find traction.

4) Flex: With my rear swaybar disconnected (cut) I was able to pick lines that kept my wheels down most of the time. I was really surprised how little I felt my tires lift. I run with my front swaybar connected now due to axle wear.

5) I was able to keep my transmission temps low thanks to my dual external tans coolers and watching my temp gauge.

6) We learned really quick to scout the line and then spot carefully.

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The shackle on my subframe is a 2 ton D shackle with a 1/2” pin. I drilled the hole in the subframe jack point to 1/2” and used a grade 8 1/2” bolt and washers to secure it to my Pilot.
1/2" D-shackle

The Shackle on my custom front hitch receiver is a full size 4 ton hitch shackle.
Hitch Shackle

Another good option for front recovery is to use a tree protector winch strap to lasso the subframe bar.
Tree Winch Strap
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