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honda pilot offroad build

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  1. b0wfin

    2007 Honda Pilot Off Road Build

    2007 Honda Pilot Off Road Build 2007 Honda Pilot Upgrades • Led Headlights and fog lights • Weather Tech floor mats • Transmission Cooler • 2 in front lift • Front cam bolts • 1.5 in rear lift • Adjustable rear camber control arms •Rear swaybar delete • Front skid plate •...
  2. Brooks Travel Adventures

    Project Pilot

    Hello All, I am starting to work on my 2005 Honda Pilot. There are not too many builds that I have found online so I thought I would post mine here. It is a work in progress and I will update as I add to the rig. I purchased the Pilot from my mother who bought it new and I know all the...