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  1. TahoePPV

    Z71 Suburban for sale

    Nice rig, has a huge refrigerator slide built in already. https://parkssuperior.com/model/2022-suburban/
  2. TexasColoRADo

    2017 Chevy Colorado Z71 Duramax

    This is my first overland build and I'm learning as I go. I'm open to all suggestions and any questions. I purchased this truck about a month ago with dreams of building an overland rig but still getting good fuel mileage. I opted for the Duramax engine on the Colorado because I have always...
  3. alexdnick

    2017 Chevy Colorado Z71

    Hi all, I bought a used 2017 Colorado last year and have slowly begun outfitting it to take me off the beaten path. However I have mostly started to build this as a base camp for hiking. This is where my thread starts, however the modifications I am posting today have been on for some time...
  4. UltimaSanctus

    New guy from South Carolina

    Hey everybody, after a couple months of lurking I finally joined the forum. I am a complete off-road/overlanding newbie from Greenville SC. I bought a 2004 Tahoe Z71 back in November and really have only done preventive maintenance so far but it will be a slow build. I hope to be able to make it...
  5. Asuarez_673

    Suburban turned to Zombie Response Vehicle

    Hello everyone, my name is Alex and I have a 2006 Chevy Suburban Z71 that I bought back in 2014 and planned on making it one of the most unique off road capable rigs to ever exist. So I originally started posting about this build in Z71tahoe-suburban forum but as that forum has slowly died ill...
  6. LoneStarFlatLanders

    Good News for Colorado ZR2 Owners

    GM finally has a fix for off-road unintended air bag deployment. https://jalopnik.com/chevrolet-will-fix-colorado-zr2s-to-prevent-airbags-fro-1830317992?utm_campaign=socialflow_jalopnik_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow&utm_source=jalopnik_facebook
  7. B^2

    First Modifications/Add ons for general Overlanding?

    I'm wondering what modifications people usually do/recommend before getting into some light overlanding. I've got a 2017 Colorado crew cab z71(midnight edition with Goodyear Wrangler Duratractires) with the longer bed and I want to begin exploring a bit with my wife and our soon to be born...
  8. B^2

    Hello From the Boston Area

    Hello, Been posting over on the Colorado Fans and Expedition Portal forums for a little and decided to check this place out. Right now I have a stock 2017 Chevy Colorado Z71 Crew Cab with the longer bed. It's the midnight edition which is basically just black wheels/tires, spray in bed liner...
  9. Shawn Rossmiller

    2016 Chevy Colorado Build

    I have a 2016 Chevy Colorado Z71 4x4 CCLWB. I built the storage system in the back to house everything. It is actually surprisingly light at about 110lbs empty. I have a Trail Geara light bar in the lower grill, a TG light bar on the roof rack, and some small 8" lights on the sides and in the...
  10. Jelorian

    New Member: #3210 Full Sized Lovin! :)

    Hey everyone, Joined recently after finding out about the forums after attending a meet in Emeryville last Dec. 2016. I knew about the youtube channel but didn't know there were forums as well. Glad to be a part of a great community and I hope to be meeting more of you guys out on the trails...
  11. KyleGrant

    2015 Sierra Swiss Army Knife - Fire/Rescue/EMS POV, Storm Chasing, Overlanding

    Hey all! Noobie to OB here, excited to get moving. I'll post continued updates to my thread as my build progresses. I like to call my truck my Swiss Army Knife. I'm fortunate to not drive this as a daily due to my job, though away from work this is my DD, it also serves as a registered emergency...