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  1. D

    US Midwest Midwest Overland Fest 2020

    The first annual Midwest Overland Fest will kick off August 21-23 for a wholesome three-day combination of trade show, caravan, music, drink, food and county fair. We almost lost the whole year, but America is in the mood to make up for lost time. We aim to bury the lockdown once and for all! We...
  2. Artenen

    SWOT Southern Wisconsin Overlanding Tour | Wisconsin River Leg

    We had fun last month putting together an overlanding tour that goes from the Mississippi to about Sauk City, WI. Here's a video of our trip. If I'm not allowed to post this, let me know. Still, some changes that have to be made to the map file, but overall, it's a good trip that takes a...
  3. Arod1243

    WI/MN boarder Trails?

    Hey all! I am new to overlanding and just picked up a 97 jeep TJ. Got a lift and tires on it already so crunching at the bit to get out there. Anyone familiar with any beginner/intermediate trails near western WI eastern MN? I am near the Eau Claire area of WI so fairly close to MN. Any...
  4. interscope8

    Trans WI/ MI Adventure Planning

    Hello Everyone! Fairly new member here, do a lot of reading and lurking, not much posting. I'm trying to plan out a trip for the Trans-Wisconsin Adventure Trail leading into a trip through the Upper Peninsula, then down the Lower back to sweet home Indiana. I have a KML of the TWAT, and...
  5. Wanderlost

    NE Illinois, Gathering of Overlanders - 09/08/2018

    We (Wanderlost Overland) would like to invite you all to a gathering at the River Road Rally Park in McHenry Illinois Saturday September 8th. This won't be anything fancy or official, just a bunch of us getting together and do a little "light" off-roading, check out each other's rigs, and talk...
  6. D

    New Member - La Crosse, WI

    Goo evening from La Crosse, WI. New member to the site and relatively new to overlanding, not new to Jeeping. Truly looking forward to getting involved in this community and hopefully some upcoming rallies! 1) Picture! If you have a rig, we want to see it! 2) Locatoin: La Crosse, WI 3) Rig...
  7. Joe Hunt

    Meet up

    Hello Iowa, Lets try to get a meet up in or near Cedar Rapids Iowa for August 18 2018. A rigs and coffee , or breakfast, or even an overnight around the campfire. I'll put it together if we get some interest. Let me know . bear_9002@yahoo.com Lets do this! Joe Hunt Nomad...
  8. C

    Menomonie, WI

    Hello, all. I hail from the upper Midwest, from the small city of Menomonie, WI. Years back, I had an 08 Wrangler that I purchased and outfitted for the Idaho-Montana span of the Rockies while I was in the military (USAF). Now, that I'm a dad/husband and full time healthcare dude, I'm...
  9. Rover7284

    Chicagoland OB Travel Group - Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail - 11/04/2017

    A group of OB members out of the Chicagoland area are going up the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail starting 0830 Saturday 11/4 through Sunday 11/5. We'll see how far we get. It's our first group adventure, but all are welcome - kid and family friendly. It should be a simple trail, possibly wet...
  10. Remington_PRO4X

    Southern Wisconsin Meet Up

    Would anybody be interested in doing a Southern Wisconsin Meet Up? We could meet at one of the amazing breweries in the area and talk shop and enjoy a couple cold ones! Let me know if there is any interest!
  11. Remington_PRO4X


    Hey Wisconsinites! I am down here is Southern WI and am having a hard time finding a (legal) place to get off road. I grew up in northwestern WI where there are all kinds of places. Does anyone have any tips?