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  1. H

    New member from Luxembourg

    Hello, Glad to join the Overland Bound Community! So I'm Roger living with my family in Schieren, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, involved in offroading and travelling for more than over 25 years here in Europe. Land Rovers are my cars so first I started with a Disco1 200 TDI, Disco 1 300 TDI, Disco...
  2. Wildcat77

    Roof Rack Build

    I have a 1998 Toyota Tacoma I would like to build a roof rack bed rack combo (kinda like a ladder rack) and after alot of googling I haven't seen it done this way often. Is there a reason other than center of gravity concerns that denies people from having a vehicle length roof rack of same...
  3. J

    In need of Custom fabrication (Charlotte, NC)

    I just got a free NFab Bumper from someone and its a little beat up and I need someone who has a welder and all that fun stuff. I also want to add a winch mount and a center hoop to it. If anyone knows of anybody who does custom fabrication work or has a shop I could rent out around the...
  4. Smileyshaun

    joyota 73 cj5 i guess now it's a "gladiator" build

    This build starts a long long time ago with many dead ends , failures and even being sold once . The eventual goal is to build a reliable very capable crawler/snow blaster with room for 4 and space for some gear . Specs so far Basicly a SAS 87 Toyota pu 5.29s v6 diffs Arb front Detroit rear...
  5. bailcraftca

    Under hood Welder, Anyone?

    Greetings All, I have been a member since May '17, and have enjoyed this community as I refine my rig (I think at the end of the year it will be "ready" ;-). In my journey to outfit my rig, and add another passion of mine, welding, I have searched this community to find anyone with experience...