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  1. A-Aron

    US Rocky Mountain Amazing training opportunity, great people, lots of fun and camping!

    Expedition Utah is hosting the annual Overland Skills Camp. There will be some extensive off-road driving training, spotting, instruction on driving in different terrains, coverage of several different recovery techniques along with training on different recovery tools. View Rally Point
  2. Brian Wells

    Cancelled Moab For Memorial Day Weekend

    Im Off Roading and camping all summer. For Memorial Day weekend I will be stopping in Moab for off roading, camping, relaxing etc. Im interested in meeting up with other Jeepers and having a good time. View Rally Point
  3. s harris

    summer overlanding

    i’m heading out mid summer, early july, for 5-6 weeks. leaving houston, headed for new mexico, colorado, utah, idaho, nevada and california. any tips on backroads and campsites would come in handy. i’d like to get off road as much as possible, but time will be a consideration. not certain which...
  4. Willrox1

    Routes, trails, camp sites, resources and knowledge help for upcoming cross country trip - Summer 2021

    Hello all, I am currently planning a trip from North Carolina out west to Arizona, Utah and then on over to Colorado. I am planning to hit some pretty scenic and well known trails like Black Bear Pass, Eng Pass etc. as well as others in AR and Ut. I am seeking any awesome camping places or...
  5. A-Aron

    US Rocky Mountain Expedition Utah's Annual Overland Skills Camp - Central Utah

    Register @ www.expeditionutah.com This unique experience offers classroom training combined with hands-on practical application of what you’ve learned. Overland Skills Camp is intended for people that want to get into “Overlanding”, but don’t know where to start. Get ready for 3 days of...
  6. U

    I'm looking for itinerary help for Overlanding Canyonlands' Maze District in May of 21

    Hello folks, My cousin and I are planning to do a 5-6 night overlanding trip to the Maze District of Canyonlands National Park. I'm a serious landscape photographer and am looking for a good itinerary for great photos. I have a 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL, and I'll be bringing extra gas. If you have...
  7. Adventures with Penny

    2WD Touring with the Peisers

    We'll post our photos from our trip here as we take them. Cheers!
  8. Adventures with Penny

    Overland Honeymoon Trip

    I am planning a trip for our honeymoon for the first 2 weeks of July and was wondering if anyone had some great campsites or things to see along this route. Thanks!
  9. Road

    Utah Wanted All the Tourists. Then It Got Them.

    I'm not much of a fan of Outside magazine, for various reasons. The article linked to below, though, by Mark Sundeen, is really quite interesting and worthwhile. It's about tourism, the marketing of adventure, social media, destination development and destination management and how it is...
  10. AndyV

    Help with Utah overnighter

    Driving to Twin Falls, Idaho from Socal the day after Christmas to visit family and was wondering if someone can help me with a good spot in Utah off of the I15 on the way. Ive never been to Utah so please excuse my ignorance but I'm looking for a spot near some water or in some mildly dense forest.
  11. TM Overland


    Utah is rapidly becoming one of our favorite destinations. The whole STATE should become a National Park. Anyway, we've hit the high spots - Zion, Capital Reef, Moab, Lake Powell, etc. This fall we are planning a trip and as I did my research, I came across a string of State Parks -...
  12. A-Aron

    US Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountain Region August Meet-Up- UTAH - Southern Mountains and Barracks!

    Camping with fellow OB members in the Southern Utah mountains. Campsite will be accessible by any SUV/4WD vehicle, exact location will be posted at a later date, I just want to get it on the calendar so we can get a gauge of how many people will be attending and I'll pick a spot accordingly so...
  13. A-Aron

    US Rocky Mountain Monthly Meetup - Rigs. Food, Drinks, and Conversation! - Re-occurring

    Come and check out some rigs, talk Overlanding, exploration, and trail riding. I'll be there from 6-8pm and hope to see you there! Come hang out with other members, talk gear, rigs and routes. We'd like to start doing some trail runs, camp outs.. etc together and would love your input and...
  14. Norcal Overlanders

    Utah Expedition

    Hey Guys Headed to Utah April 12th, in the planning stages for the route. We are leaving Sacramento and going via salt lake city to Moab then heading south through the national parks and leaving Utah from St George back via Vegas. Total trip is 8 days Looking for route ideas and camp sites...
  15. MarlinJames

    US Rocky Mountain Family Friendly Weekend of Camping and Trails in Southwestern Utah - 03/15/2019

    Dispersed camping at Long Valley Recreation Area. 37.107202, -113.443992 Arrive Friday March 15th and depart or personal exploration, Sunday the 17th. Saturday morning we will start out around 9 AM with the West rim trail, after that, there is so much open space and terrain variability it will...
  16. A-Aron

    US Rocky Mountain Meetups for Southern Utah folk

    Southern Utah.. some of the best trails in the world, stuck between Rocky Mountain and Southwest.. We need to pull together and get to know who is around. I know there are some of you close by, lets plan something!
  17. Ron W.

    US Rocky Mountain Silver Island Mountain Loop-Utah - 01/12/2019

    This is a one day trip, on January 12, 2019, to the Silver Island Mountains just north of the Bonneville Salt Flats. We can also do the Wendover to Lucin trail. The SIM Loop is approx. 50 miles long. Wendover to Lucin is 55 miles (one way). We can decide which one, or both, at meet up. Meet up...
  18. animaloverland

    Moab trail suggestions with a few pics

    If you are in Moab and looking for easy to moderate trails to do with great views and manageable day trip driving times...here are a few suggestions with some sample images. I can recommend Chicken Corners, Beef Basin and Shafer Switchbacks. If I had to do it again...I would add Lathrop Canyon...
  19. animaloverland

    A few pics from our Moab trip in September

    We had a great 8 day trip to Moab in September. We didn't do anything too difficult...but spectacular scenery and enough steep trails with cliffs and some nice rock ledges to keep it interesting. We did Chicken Corners, Beef Basin and Shafer Switchbacks. We were going to add Lathrop Canyon...
  20. Sota166

    From Minnesota to Utah!

    Hello Friends, My wife and I will set out on out first overlanding experience this October! The highlights of the trip will include Ouray, CO, Moab, UT (White Rim Road and Shafer Trail), Salt Lake City and the Salt Flats, Jackson Hole, WY and Rapid City, SD. I have a couple questions...