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  1. Ubiety

    Poll: I approach trip planning by...

    Interested in how folks approach trip planning (and making a poll) ;) Comments welcome!
  2. Hank Outdoors


    Let's answer some questions and get some more trips planned!!! East, West or Middle TN... Where are you from? How often do you get out on the trails? Where are you headed next? What type of event would you like to see hosted and where in TN?
  3. Yaniv

    The Hunt for the rare EOS R5

    It all began a few months ago with some rumors... lots of rumors about a new mirrorless beast from Canon - a mirrorless replacement for the 5D DSLRAnd me? just bought a new DSLR (90D). I always wanted a full-frame, and having 2 birds in one go was very appealing to me (full-frame and...
  4. Heartland Overland

    High Water Mark Trail, AR

    Rally Point created for the trip. Looking to get a few rigs together to hit up the Ozark National Forest in Arkansas. No set schedule once we get started. Hoping to hit some other trails throughout the area during the week. Rally Point
  5. ForceXXI

    Rio Grande Backcountry Discovery Trail

    Planning a trip for early August to do the Rio Grande Backcountry Discovery Trail in southern Colorado. Here is a link to the forum thread,Rio Grande Backcountry Discovery Trail . Planning on driving down, staying the night in a hotel in Alamosa then the next morning heading to the trail head...
  6. ttephotos

    65 Day trip through Portugal/Morocco/Baltics

    Heading off tomm night for 60-70 days on the trail. Hitting Picos De Europa first then slipping into Portugal. Enter Morocco on the 20th and will be there till early/mid Apr. After that I shoot north around now risky Italy and into Slovenia to start a trek down the Baltics making my way slowly...
  7. Jacob Silberfarb

    Summer 2020 - Alaska / Yukon Trip

    Hi all, I am currently in the midst of planning a trip for this upcoming Summer and have already sent out some invites. The plan would be to depart and be on the road from Orange County, California and be out for three weeks (abouts). 1. Drive up the US 1/101 along the California Coast into...
  8. =Jack=

    Short Ozark National Forest Trip

    I took a drive down to the Ozark National Forest in Fayetteville, Arkansas yesterday to see what this place is about. The main camp grounds were closed. However, I did find some back roads and trails. One trail leading up was blocked by large, strategically placed boulders. Steel barriers were...
  9. NC-Trooper

    US Southeast NC/SC Brown Mountain OHV Overnight Trip - 04/06/2019

    GAMETIME! This is an overnight group trip to Brown Mountain OHV near Pisgah National Forest. The plan is to meet in the Charlotte area, convoy to Brown Mountain, offroad to the top and stop for a lunch break, finish the trail, descend into the Beech Mountain area to camp for the night. There...
  10. Hank Outdoors


    Hello East Region Overlanders!!! Let's get the East going! Anyone have any interest in setting up a "local to you" meet-up, trip, Rigs and Coffee or Pigs and Rigs? Spring is on the way...let me know how I can help! Message me @Hank Outdoors if you're itching for more events in your area...
  11. Hank Outdoors

    Plans for Spring?

    Who in the East is planning a trip or meetup for this coming Spring or sooner? Would you like to? Rally Point is there to help you plan your event. If you have any questions let me know! Meet ups are a great way to get to know OB members close to you and begin to plan trips. Whether you all...
  12. D

    SFV Members - Overland Trip (Planning & Discussion) Thread

    Hello all, A few have been asking at the meet ups about an overland trip or other trips and planning one out. Here is a thread to do so.
  13. Rob K

    Annual October Montauk Trip

    Can't call this much of an Overlanding trip because we will be spending the nights in a pretty sweet hotel, but my girl friend and I will be taking a drive out to Montauk in the YJ again this weekend! Montauk is one of our favorite places to spend time and not a bad drive being located on Long...
  14. D

    Share your gpx files! Gaia or other...

    Hello all, Thought it would be nice to have a place to share GPX files from Gaia or other means. Places you camped, trails you took, picnic spots, view spots, etc. Please post in following format: *required field *Trail: *Date Traveled: *Location: *Trail Travel Time: *Length: *Difficulty...
  15. Hank Outdoors

    Portland Maine - Sept 7-11 2018

    My wife is doing a 100 mile lighthouse bike ride on the 8th and I want to hit some trails and camp. We will be driving to Maine on the 7th. I am looking for camping recommendations near Portland for the 7th and then looking to hit some trails after her ride (on the 8th) thru the morning of the...
  16. Chris Freeth

    Event Cancelled - Reoccurring - overland expo west - 05/14/2018

    convoy to overland expo west.
  17. Chris Freeth

    Event Cancelled - Reoccurring - overland expo west - 05/14/2018

    convoy to overland expo west.
  18. Chris Freeth

    overland expo west - 05/14/2018

    convoy to overland expo west. View Rally Point Details
  19. Fionn McWilliam

    traveling America/Canada 2018-2019

    I am traveling America and Canada for the next two years in my 2005 Toyota Tacoma. I am a photographer and it would be nice if anybody could suggest some places that would be nice to go to. This is my route already. My plan is to make this trip and opportunity for young people like me that...
  20. NCmachoTaco

    Overland NC-Yellowstone

    Hi everyone. I am planning a trip practically across the US and I wish I had found this page earlier. End of September through the beginning of October I am going from Wilmington NC to Yellowstone as the final destination going on and off the TransAmericaTrail and trying to have the best trip in...