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  1. bawesomfels

    1993 Suzuki Sidekick JLX

    Two weeks ago I picked up this sweet little Zuki from my neighbor down the street. I'd had my eye on it for a while so once I saw the opportunity I jumped. Big plans for this little 1.6L monster. So far it needs a little work, as to be expected for a 27 yo 194k mile vehicle. Both outer CV...
  2. M

    Dinoot Trailer Builders

    Hi folks! Seems like there's a few Dinoot builders on the forum, but I didn't see a thread for general Dinoot topics, so I thought I'd start one. The Tventuring forums at seem to be down again. First question: Does anyone have a build parts weight list they'd be willing to share...
  3. nickburt

    Vehicle Security - the rig itself.

    What security do you have? A side from making sure nothing is left on display, or left in the rig, what security do folk have for preventing theft of the vehicle itself? Here in the UK, theft of Landrovers, especially Defenders, is big business for the criminal fraternity. Not a day goes buy...
  4. Kato Baggins

    Mojave Road - December 26-29

    As a celebration of our 10th anniversary, my wife and I are planning on doing the Mojave Road from east to west December 26-29. We'll be coming from the Central Coast of California to the Laughlin/Bullhead city area on December 26, spending the night and heading out in the morning of the 27th...
  5. Kevigizmo

    Vehicle / Personal Tracker and Emergency Assistance

    When out overlanding (or any remote activity) having the ability to either be tracked (for some fun, logging history or if the worse happens) or be able to send out a beacon should the need arise where you need help is always something people need to factor in when planning, Using Sat phones...
  6. M

    Best (or at least possible) trailer for Chevy Tracker

    Forum noob here... Anyone pulling something like this (e.g., a TurtleBack trailer or similar) with a Chevy Tracker? Looks like it would be too heavy for the Tracker. Mine is a 2002, 4-door, 4wd. Rated for 1000 lbs...