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  1. Sachou

    K.A.M.P. Drawers - Kitchen And Mattress Platform for Tacoma

    I love sleeping in the great outdoors, but I actually don't enjoy camping. I primarily hate the hassle of constantly packing and unpacking, setting up camp, taking down camp, and all the inefficiencies associated with it. Even more so, I dislike the bulk, weight, complexity, and price of RVs...
  2. F

    Truck bed storage ideas

    So once I get my topper, I'm planning on putting a mattress in the back for camping like in the pictures. Thing is I need storage on the sides instead of a drawer system under the bed because I want to sit up. I know I can build it from wood, but I was thinking of pre-built things I could leave...
  3. KA7USA

    SOLD Complete Tacoma Bed Camping System: ARE DCU Wedge cap/shell/topper, wooden sleep platform/cabinets/drawers/coffin cabinets

    Topper/Cap SOLD April 23,2020 - Sleeping Platform and Bedrug reposted in separate posts. OKLAHOMA - Midwest City, Oklahoma (South East suburb of Oklahoma City) Selling complete Tacoma bed camping outfit together or separate. Shipping: Not willing to ship large items. Am willing to travel up...
  4. ovrit

    2017 f150 canopy, topper. Help!

    looking to put a aluminum canopy/topper on the truck. The generic ones on the market are not quite what I want. I have found fab shops in the east and north.[+freight gets expensive] Like to buy local so I can have input and see what I am purchasing. So does any body know of a fab shop in...
  5. Cdaug

    Camper Shell/Overland Bars/Bed Rack?

    I drive a 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma (2013, Prerunner, 6ft bed) and the primary reason I do any extended camping/traveling with it is because I have an ARE camper shell. Before the camper shell, I had to get everything up in the cab before going out on a hike or leaving the campsite to have...