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  1. Lady_Hay

    For Sale - Los Angeles - FRONT RUNNER TAILGATE TABLE - Old Style, no latch - $150 -

    Older version of FRONT RUNNER TAILGATE TABLE. This model does not have a latch. It worked for a while, and I decided to upgrade to the latched model. You will need to get hardware from Front Runner to install this table. $150.00 + Shipping. (calculated after I know where it is going.) Here...
  2. Lazlo

    Frontrunner Dropdown Tailgate Table Upgrade

    To all and anyone who has a Frontrunner Dropdown Tailgate Table, I just wanted to share- I have mine mounted exteriorly on my swing out and noticed another neighbor at Overland Expo had the same. The wood extension, when kept outside (and maybe inside) is a disaster and very unsanitary, warps...
  3. mep1811

    My DIY article in Toyota Trails magazine

    The latest issue of Toyota Trails magazine has my DIY side table article. I have found this side table to be very useful. Hope you enjoy. Toyota Trails - May/June 2019 Issue
  4. Road

    SOLD New Backcountry Retreat Table, $39.00 + shipping

    Alps Mountaineering Retreat Table Bought this table new from for camping and adventuring, but ended up using one a bit smaller. It's not quite as rugged/adjustable as I like, either. So, this one is up for grabs at 33% off new price. Never been used. - Perfect for camping or...
  5. Road

    Looking for Threaded Screw Mounts/Project Feedback. . .

    Hey all, I scored a great aluminum Zarges case on clearance that I'd like to turn into a portable desk/work surface/table for camp and van. It is a perfect size at approx 19 x 35 x 7.5 deep. It has a 1/2" recess all the way around on the underside. I would like to be able to mount legs simply...