Frontrunner Dropdown Tailgate Table Upgrade

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To all and anyone who has a Frontrunner Dropdown Tailgate Table, I just wanted to share- I have mine mounted exteriorly on my swing out and noticed another neighbor at Overland Expo had the same. The wood extension, when kept outside (and maybe inside) is a disaster and very unsanitary, warps, etc. I ordered a replacement at

The dimentions I used were 12 3/4" by 25 3/8" standard edge rounded corner but you should make sure yours is the same edition as mine with the same dimentions.

I easily pried off the plastic spacers from the wood table and drilled 8 holes on each edge of the new cutting board using an 11/64 bit. 7 of the holes were evenly spaced beginning 1/2 inch from the edge and the spacers were all put in facing the same direction except at the 2nd hole from one side. I then added another hole between the 2nd and third on that side of the board and placed the spacer in the same orientation as the others in that hole. In the second hole on that same side, I placed the spacer on the bottom instead of the top- this was the side going into the housing to stabilize the extension when it is out. It worked great and is such a better construct than the way it came. I drew some circles to orient when the extension is maximally out to match with the circles in the metal, and the 2 holes that are placed close together there have the spacers on opposite sides of the cutting board as mentioned above for stability. I'm not sure I explained this well, but just thought others might want the resource.
PS- I tried sooo many different orientations of those spacers, this was the one that worked best for me.