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  1. D

    FOR SALE WEST - Gobi Stealth Rack - Los Angeles, CA - with Extras for JKU - 1,800

    Location: Los Angeles California Description: Gobi Stealth Rack off of a 2017 Jeep JKU Includes: Drivers Side Ladder, Sun Roof Insert, Maxtrax Brackets, Foxwing Awning Brackets, Axe/Shovel Mount, Wind Deflector Price $1,800 Shipping: None - Pick up on June 13th in Agoura Hills, CA Email...
  2. PROJECTaroid

    Jeep Patriot - Incognito Build

    I though I'd share the progress I've made on m 2015 Jeep Patriot build. I want five things out of the build. First, I'm trying to do it on a budget; second, I want to be able to safely explore backcountry locations; third, I want to be able to adventure with little preparation; fourth, I...