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  1. UploadAdventure

    SOS Offroad Concepts **Deals and Sales**

    Thought I’d share with OB, SOS Offroad Concepts Black Friday sale. This year they’re doing an unprecedented 25% off all their products! Use discount code BF20 to save 25% (yes I know 20, that’s for the year.) If you have any questions about products don’t hesitate to use the contact us page or...
  2. Supernaut

    Looking for suggestions - Gen 1 Raptor sliders

    My stock aluminum side steps/sliders are cracked, bent, and faded. I’m looking for replacements but there aren’t many options out there for Raptors and F-150s in general. The best candidate I found was a $2k pair from RPG. ADD sliders are slightly cheaper but I don’t really like the look and...
  3. Boort

    What do you look for on a shakedown ride after an upgrade & Build thread question

    Seeking the wisdom of the OB hive, I'm getting the suspension upgraded on my 2006 4runner soon, along with new tires, removing Xreas, installing sliders, and installing the drawer system that my father and I built. With all of these changes what to I need to look for to make sure that...
  4. crit_pw

    Off-road traction bar?

    My rig tends to see some pretty rough trails and with my long wheelbase I am susceptible to damage because of my length. I am installing full length sliders to protect the rockers however on a recent trip I managed to choose my "line" a little incorrectly and polished a spot on my driveshaft...
  5. Asa Farquhar

    Gen 3 Tacoma Sliders

    Looking for any advice on sliders to get for my 2016 Tacoma, I had a few close calls in Colorado and Utah last year and know the protection will be worth it... and the step will be nice. I know I want bolt on and have narrowed it down to RCI or CBI... or possibly something else if anyone has...
  6. SorrTrek

    4XInnovations Rock Sliders for 99 T4R

    This project was a long time in the making, but finally got it finished. [/IMG] We welded them together and then mounted, painted them afterwards. I received pricing from an offroad fab shop and an overland shop nearby, and pricing ranged from $400-$800 to mount them. Luckily a friend was...