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  1. TacoD

    Anyone running a Haven Tent?

    Wondering if anyone out there is running a Haven Tent - LayFlat hammock tent. Or any other hammock tent for that matter. If so, I would love your overall opinion of the tent, pros/cons, etc. Seriously considering the Haven to try to stay lite and minimalist (no RTT) - at least for now...
  2. B

    Sleeping Bag and Pads

    Hey All! I have an ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Double Air Pad that is fantastic. It'll velcro together in the middle to make a roughly full size bed, or velcro over on it self to double the thickness for one person. But I'm having a problem staying on the pad when I'm sleeping. How do y'all...
  3. D

    Overland Sleeping Setup

    Hello, How have you set up your sleeping arrangements for Overland trips. Does it change depending on the trip? Do you sleep inside your vehicle on a custom built set up, in a tent on the ground or in a RTT (roof top tent). Please post photos and descriptions of your setup.