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  1. Arepas

    Recommendation for routes easy trails near Pinecrest, CA.

    Friends, Planning a weekend trip to Pinecrest Lake and wanted to do an easy trail, my rig is top heavy (because of a RTT) so I am avoiding Niagara Rim and instead looking for something less-off-camber. For now I found what I think will work which is route around Herring Creek but I am looking...
  2. SierraOL

    New Member - Oregon

    Hi all, Just became a member to Overland Bound and excited to see what all of you have to share. A little bit about me. Name's Tom and am a native Oregonian. I'm an avid fishing nut and genuinely love the outdoors. Grew up camping, hiking, fishing, snowboarding... Basically everything your...
  3. blitz

    1997 Silverado build

    Here is my 1997 Silverado K1500 that I'm building. It is used for a winter daily, overlander, tows my boat and car hauler. I bought it 4 years ago with ~220k for $1500.
  4. Joshua_Lionstrong

    Looking for advice on full-sized rigs

    I have decided to make the switch to a full-size rig, specifically an '01 Sierra. Is there any advice people can give me on full-size over landing? What upgrades should I do first? Also, ARB doesn't really have accessories for GM/Chevy, what are people putting on their rigs as far as protection...
  5. Jeeper_JP

    My "low key" overland pig

    I upgraded from a Ford minivan to an 06 Sierra 2500HD extended cab for work as an owner operator industrial courier. Well, oil industry took a nosedive recently as most are aware (here in Alberta anyway). Year later I left the courier biz after I paid the truck off. As she looked the day we...