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  1. D

    Shower enclosure and DIY floor

    Added this video about installing the 23 Zero awning style shower enclosure and making a handy floor pan out of raft material.
  2. Henrik Martin

    Quick-Pitch En-Suite shower - soft bag or alu case?

    Hi there. My girlfriend is hellbent on getting a Quick-Pitch En-Suite shower curtain thing: I've seen them in a bunch of Australian off-road videos, and they look really cool. I'm ready to pull the trigger...
  3. johan_overlander

    Bonjour from France

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member from Marseille (south east of France). I own and overland with a trusty 93 Jeep xj modified over the years to meet my specific needs and likings. I did a few trip in the french Alps, center of france, Crossed the spains mountains from Mediterranean sea to the...
  4. WesAdvance

    Add 11 Gallons of Onboard Pressurized Water to your Rig!

    Hello! I wanted to share my DIY Onboard Water System. I'd love any tips, feedback or thoughts on things you would change or improve! I originally posted this at our blog, You Me & The Jeep, and you can find a materials list there as well. We were so inspired by Dan Grec from The Road Chose Me...
  5. VCeXpedition

    Cool new shower enclosure - anyone seen these in the U.S. yet?

    So I'm watching Andrew St. Pierre-White's video's on his trek across the Channing Stock Route, which by the way is on my list of tracks to drive, and he says "it's time to shower!". At this point, I kind of want to fast forward past that part, but then he gets to the coolest shower enclosure I...
  6. B

    Overland Challenges and Gear to Meet Them, Organized

    So let's see how I can put this to words. Every human has mutual needs. Every overlander is met with mutual challenges. Water gathering, water filtering, food storage, shelter. Then there are things more specific to overlanding like recovery gear, etc. As I am planning my outfitting I can't...
  7. brien

    The 12oz "Shower" - how do you keep clean?

    Here in AZ we need lots of water when we go out, especially in the heat. Since it's a constant battle between room for water and room for gear, especially if our whole family of 5 is going out, I think we've gotten pretty good at conserving our water. One of the 'luxuries' that consume our water...
  8. Robin Roberts

    FOR SALE 1993 Ford E-350 4x4 Ambulance conversion $33,000.

    Up for sale is this expedition ready, 1993 Ford E-350 4x4 Ambulance conversion. This vehicle has everything needed for your next adventure. Totally prepped and ready to go anywhere. It is big enough to live in with the comforts of a motorhome, yet still small and very maneuverable. And, it fits...