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  1. Ubiety

    Greater Seattle area virtual campfire

    Welcome to the campfire; pull up your chair and join the discussion...
  2. Ubiety

    Cancelled Greater Seattle Area Recurring Meetup

    This recurring meetup is intended to get Seattle area locals together on a regular basis in order to socialize and grow the local Overland Bound community. The agenda is wide open; teleconference calls, burgers, trail runs, training, camping, rig work days, trail work days, whatever the group...
  3. TheGreyhound

    3 day Seattle loop in June... need ideas!

    So I’m looking at mid June doing a Friday-Sunday loop out of Seattle. Most of the group will be between total novice and, mildly experienced, with vehicles being in the Subaru type class.... Thinking day 1 is get out to Ellensburg and do the WABDR section 3 up around lion rock and make camp...
  4. reaver

    US Northwest Western Wa (Seattle Area) - Tent Trailer

    I have an old tent trailer that I need to get rid of. My parents are selling their house, and I live in Idaho, and don't have a vehicle that can really tow the trailer. There's a decent amount of good stuff that still works in the trailer, including the stove, icebox, heater, sink/water tank...
  5. Faded_80

    Seattle area astrophotography meet and campsite cleanup, - 04/07/2018

    3/29/18 update: the site is under notable amounts of snow and might not be passable. the event will continue as long as the sky is clear. basic required items: camera capable of manual shutter control tripod (debatable, ive done quite a few shots on stacked rocks) shutter remote or self timer...
  6. Michael Mayfarth

    Puget Sound Overland and Coffee at ARB - 12/09/2017

    If you are in the greater Seattle and Tacoma area, come meet and look at all of the other cool rigs. Talk shop, build your Christmas shopping list, or just come for the great people. Join us from 8AM to about Noon on Saturday December 9th for the first Puget Sound Overland and Coffee. Here is...
  7. Crutledge

    Dalton Highway

    Something that started out as a well a joking suggestion has started to develop into what I feel like is going to be a pretty epic trip. A group of friends and I have been talking about the idea of making a trip in July of 2019 from all over the United States meeting up in Seattle, Wa. and...