seat covers

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  1. Rubicon72

    JKUR15 Anvil Build

    I figured I am going to start this as my build thread so I can keep track of everything I do. Finally after waiting what seemed like forever...I got my first picture from the dealership telling me my Jeep is in back in 2015!!!!! This Jeep had to be specifically ordered due to the fact that the...
  2. Boort

    Anyone have recommendations for Good quality Cloth seat covers?

    Hello all My 97 Tacoma with 300+k on the odo and the SR5 sport bucket seats, developed a wear hole in the back of driver's seat. Around here I can only seem to find neoprene or velour covers, one store had cloth but they were black/white/grey Real tree camo print and the other ones were old...
  3. Meta6981

    Seat cover recommendations?

    Hey everyone, I am looking for some heavy duty seat covers for our work trucks. We have two 15 Toyota Tacomas and two 16 Tacoma's. There trucks are being driven almost 24 hours strait with guys in and out constantly. We are looking for something that is up to the task. Preferably fully...