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  1. A

    Best Cars for Rooftop Tents

    Hi there, My partner and I are looking to purchase a vehicle to go with our rooftop tent setup. The rooftop tent is the clam style tent from campers world and weighs 121 pounds. I'm looking at purchasing a Jeep Cherokee (2009 or older) with yakima cross bars to support the tent. Would this work...
  2. Rick-O

    TX to CO, We Load Up The Family and Explore Colorado in Our Ford Ranger!

    I loaded up the wife and kids and travel from San Antonio TX to the Denver area and then to Chinns Lake in Colorado. It was quiet the adventure... and not what we expected. Here's part 1 of 3:
  3. cgranier

    Roof Rack (length/options/questions)

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to decide on a roof rack (model and size) for my stock 2018 4Runner TRDOR. I believe in adding as little additional weight as possible to my truck, though sometimes there's a trade-off with functionality. I also believe asking people with experience is a great way to...
  4. HeliSniper

    US Southwest Dallas TX 2019 OEM T4R Roof Rack 5th gen

    For sale is a new 5th gen 2019 Toyota 4Runner roof rack. It is OEM equipment and bolts right to the roof. No drilling required. Never strapped anything to it. Removed when car had 400 miles.
  5. C

    FOR SALE Thule Xsporter Pro

    Selling Thule Xsporter Pro height adjustable truck bed rack in black. Located in Centennial, CO 80112 Retails for $800. Asking for $550 cash only. Only installed/used for 8 months, from January 2018 until August 2018. Used to mount roof top tent on back of truck bed. All parts/mounting...
  6. johan_overlander

    Bonjour from France

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member from Marseille (south east of France). I own and overland with a trusty 93 Jeep xj modified over the years to meet my specific needs and likings. I did a few trip in the french Alps, center of france, Crossed the spains mountains from Mediterranean sea to the...
  7. rooftentoverland

    Prado (J15) + Roof Rack + HardShell RTT + Shadow Awn?

    Hi everybody! >>Short version: How do I mount a HardTop RTT and a 270° Awning to the same rack on a Prado? << Long version: We are looking into getting a roofack for our rig, as I want to mount a few bits and extras (lights, shadow awn, jerry cans, shovel, table) to the car. We have a 2016...
  8. Dally

    in need of a roof rack

    2004 Toyota 4Runner. currently i have a cargo rack up there i picked up for $100, however I'm in need of a durable badass roof rack that is a lot larger and has spot for my new lights to be mounted. looking to spend under $500 if possible. ya'll have any ideas or advice for me? any racks you...
  9. SCrunner

    Roof rack questions-

    Looking to put a roof rack on my 2016 4runner. I would prefer one that extends the full length (no sunroof), can hold a Tepui Tent on the rear half, and can one accommodate a shovel mount, snowboard mount, and an awning. Not all at once, but that would be amazing if possible. Does anyone have...