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  1. Kyle & Kari Frink

    Listing "Submit Your Overland Bound Routes" into regions/areas.

    So I fully understand that you can search for just about anything on here by searching tags that are annotated by the user who submitted them. Now just like anyone we sometimes forget things like i.e. (tagging where the route is. Also I understand that most members will post the name of the...
  2. Leclerc.27

    Mandatory State (or Region) for Threads/Posts

    I think it'd be helpful to require that a state (if U.S.) or region/geographic identifier in all titles/posts/threads. The reason being is that it would allow people to quickly dial into the applicable reading. If that's in place, then a filter could be used somewhere down the line to really...
  3. Boort

    Feature request: Rally point forums divided by Region

    @Michael, @Steve & the OB team Would it be possible to split the Rally point forums by Rally point regions? This way we could subscribe to the regional forum and be notified of events in the area. Currently we either need to check Rally point every so often, or subscribe to the main Rally...
  4. Michael

    Overland Bound Regions

    Overland Bound regions are a complicated matter. For Overland Bound, regions are created to: Put local OLB members in touch with other local OLB Members. Provide a resource of local information for new and existing members within the region. Overland Bound Regions are not created to...
  5. Kevigizmo

    UK Overland Bound Region Patch Ideas

    Hey Everyone! Some of the members have been wondering about getting a UK Regional Patch much like the other Official Regions in USA and Australia @Defender 90 Keith and Myself had started a small conversation on of the other threads earlier in the year but had mentioned it again today, If...
  6. Michael

    Overland Bound Regions!

    Hey all! There is a strong need for us to expand our region presence for those who would like to connect locally! Regional Directors will be the primary point of contact for the area. Directors meet with OLB HQ every other week, and are our primary point of contact for regional needs. They also...