Overland Bound Regions!

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Hey all!

There is a strong need for us to expand our region presence for those who would like to connect locally! Regional Directors will be the primary point of contact for the area. Directors meet with OLB HQ every other week, and are our primary point of contact for regional needs. They also have a very direct line of communication with us, and are kept current with Overland Bound operations. Regional Directors are managed by @Kent R who is our Executive Regional Director (all regions) and works to maintain region healthy, and establish new regions worldwide. Directors will assign Regional Member Representatives who will help them to support the community. In keeping with our core principles, it is very much a position of service to the Overland Bound community.

Regions are added as needs arise, and as interest grows in an area. A single Regional Director may start a region. Region hierarchy is as follows: Continent, Region. The region name gets all the press, not the continent. For example, the "West" region is actually "North America, West" and "West Europe" is actually "Europe, West Europe".


US regions are based on the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior.

@Kent R is Overland Bound's Executive Regional Director, and works with all Region Directors and Reps to provide local support around the world. Its a huge task. Our currently defined regions all have members, and different levels of maturity and engagement. Active Regions have designated patches and logos, and we will produce new logos for regions with active participation. Regions and Directors are:
  1. Executive Regional Director (all regions): @Kent R
  2. US Northwest - Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho - Interim @Kent R
  3. US West - Nevada, California, Hawaii - @Narbob
  4. US Rocky Mountain - Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Utah, Colorado, Kansas - @Cendee
  5. US Southwest - Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma - @brien
  6. Mexico - Interim @brien
  7. US Midwest - Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa - @Mike W
  8. US Southeast - Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Puerto Rico - @AdventureWithDanan
  9. US East - Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia. Virginia, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Delaware - @Nomadik Nova
  10. Australia Queensland & New South Wales - @Luis Merlo
  11. New Zealand - @Luis Merlo
  12. Canada Prairies - @Winterpeg
  13. Canada North - OPEN
  14. Canada West - Interim @Jedi
  15. Canada Central - Interim @Kent R
  16. Canada Atlantic -Interim @Kent R
  17. Panama - OPEN
  18. West Europe - @Polaris Overland
  19. Mid Europe - OPEN
  20. South Europe - OPEN
  21. Southeast Europe - OPEN
  22. Southwest Europe - OPEN
  23. East Europe - OPEN
  24. North Europe - OPEN
  25. Northern Africa - OPEN
  26. Western Africa - OPEN
  27. Central Africa - OPEN
  28. Eastern Africa - OPEN
  29. Southern Africa - OPEN
  30. Asia - Middle - OPEN
  31. Antarctica - OPEN
Regarding local region OLB Facebook groups: To be an "Official" Overland Bound facebook group for the region, it must be a closed (private) group, and OLB HQ must be admins. I'm mentioning this because some existing OLB region groups would like to become, "Official".

The patches will be available soon, and can have your number added for those that want to represent their region, or show which regions they've been too!

As always, glad to have your questions!

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Sweet. How are you sorting out regional ambassadors? Short of someone jumping up and down going "oooh me!"

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Good question! So far it's been those of us that have naturally emerged. Nothing official. There are members that have been extremely helpful with the Overland Bound community and have been big contributors on the forums and they seem to be the ones most heavily considered thus far.


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It was @Chris Jones, but I think he's going to be ambassador of the east since he's moving out there.
This, but also will be helping to get things going with someone being considered for the SW.

A note on the ambassadors. As @Dananc mentioned, they are folks who have naturally emerged. Or to put it another way, the staff team has been considering folks who we thought would make good ambassadors. We then approached those folks. That, I believe, is how we intend to continue doing that.