Mandatory State (or Region) for Threads/Posts

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Would you support a REQUIRED state/region/county box for posting?

  • Yes - make searches more directed

  • No - we do fine already without it

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I think it'd be helpful to require that a state (if U.S.) or region/geographic identifier in all titles/posts/threads. The reason being is that it would allow people to quickly dial into the applicable reading. If that's in place, then a filter could be used somewhere down the line to really speed the search process up. Now, all of this very well could be in use already and I'm just not super observant, but if not...I think it'd be a solid idea. Make it a requirement when filling out/starting something new, just like craigslist does. The Audi forum I check has it and it streamlines a lot of processes and takes no time to fill-in on posts.
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