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  1. hypergibbon

    Crossover or mid-size SUV recommendation

    Hi everyone, I'm in the market for a new crossover or midsize SUV to go on overland trips off the beaten track in the PNW, western Canada, and Alaska areas. I previously used a Subaru Forester and that was fantastic for light off-roading. It unfortunately was terrible for it's crappy highway...
  2. projectwildrunner

    Bay Area/Sierra recommendations for a mild first trip

    Hey all, I want to take the wife out on a little overnight in our new 2019 4runner. Nothing rigorous at all, we aren't fully equipped yet. What we do have is your essential overnight camping gear, extra water, comms, gas, etc. My thought was get a roll up pad for the interior and lay the seats...
  3. SDRover

    Handheld Ham Radio Adivce

    After spending all day yesterday I've finally passed my Ham Radio Technician License. Does anyone have recommendations for a quality handheld radio? I want to avoid the cheaper radios but want to find one that is fairly easy to use - mostly interested in communication with 4x4 clubs and...
  4. Boort

    Recommended Shops (Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins, Summit County)

    I'd like to ask my Colorado Peeps if they have any recommendations for shops in the Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins, Summit County area. I know that many here wrench their own rigs but am hoping that some folks might have input that can help. I'm about to pull the trigger on a suspension upgrade...
  5. Ranger Explorer

    PSI Recommendations

    I'm a newbie to this form and a newbie overlander. Most of the trails I explore are a combination of lose mud, dirt and really rough gravel and rocks (also deep snow). I am sure this is an over asked question, but I am looking for psi advice/recommendations. I am running 32 x 11.5 BFGK02's on...
  6. geekyadam

    LF build advice - fitting gear + kids + dogs

    Hi all. Long time listener, first time caller. Need some advice on a space problem with my truck. My girlfriend and I love car camping and I love taking my new 2017 Tacoma to the camp site. I'm eager to start taking longer distance camping trips, hopefully find some 4x4 trails to officially...
  7. Boort

    Anyone have recommendations for Good quality Cloth seat covers?

    Hello all My 97 Tacoma with 300+k on the odo and the SR5 sport bucket seats, developed a wear hole in the back of driver's seat. Around here I can only seem to find neoprene or velour covers, one store had cloth but they were black/white/grey Real tree camo print and the other ones were old...