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  1. Cement Tacoma 541

    US Northwest Sunday Mornings Coffee and shop talk

    Get together once a month on Sunday to meet fellow community members and enjoy a cup of coffee and support a local business. Forest Service road trail run after is optional. May require clearing of logs on occasion. Not a technically difficult trail. Use this as opportunity to plan other...
  2. Tom Cole

    US Southwest Ft Worth Area Meetup - Parker, Palo Pinto, Hood, Johnson, Erath, Somerville, Tarrant, Dallas, and Jack Counties

    Northwest OHV Park - Bridgeport, Texas - Meet up with fellow members, rig walk-around's, and hit some trails. View Rally Point
  3. Sandpoint Steve

    US Northwest Panhandle Overland Rally

    I didn't know about this event until last week. Who is planning on going to the Panhandle Overland Rally?
  4. FrankRoams

    US West Rigged for Dirt 1 Year Anniversary Camp Out!

    Registration is now open for the @RiggedforDirt 1 Year Anniversary Camp-Out! Hosted by the awesome team and our friends @weekendoffroad. March 14th and 15th we'll descend on Joshua Tree and celebrate community! We're grateful you've all taken the adventure with us and we can't wait to take one...
  5. Kevinista

    US Midwest Winter Run

    *This will be a softroading adventure at best! (Nothing technical, no rock climbs, black diamond etc.) We will be taking the same route the Subaru club did a few months ago. Some paved roads, gravel roads, and slight mud. Hopefully we will get snow for this run!View Rally Point
  6. JDavid

    OB Iberian Rally?

    So... Could there be interest in a rally that aims at gathering OB members (and friends), around the practice and spirit of overlanding in the Iberian peninsula? If so please: Cast you vote in the poll above! Post your thoughts below!
  7. NineZero

    Hello from the Los Angeles area!

    So happy to be part of this great community, I'm a vintage Land Rover collector and overland enthusiast. My wife is an accomplished Overlander and Off-Road rally competitor and my daughter is happy to be along for the ride. I've been driving off-road for almost 20 years and have competed in a...
  8. Jedi

    US Northwest NWOR 2019 Overland Bound Campsite

    NWOR 2019 is setting aside an camping area for Overland Bound members!
  9. SnoBear Overland

    Reoccurring - QC Rigs and Coffee Meet-Up - 09/29/2018

    Hey all, We are starting a new reoccurring meet-up welcoming ALL rigs of any shape or size who wants to learn more about the overland/4x4 world! Many of us will also be going to Charlotte Cars and Coffee on the FIRST Saturday of every month, Message for details. We will be meeting the LAST...
  10. Wanderlost

    Overland Rallies and Expos

    This is a short report about our time attending one of our first overland rallies. Normally Merri and I tend to be solo overlanders. We enjoy the freedom of going at our own pace, going anywhere at any time we want, and above all the solitude. Video capturing and photos are also a huge part of...
  11. Michael Mayfarth

    03 4Runner Rally Sweep Build

    I guess I should start a thread before I get too far down the rabbit hole... It all started with trading in our 03 Jeep Wrangler, lifted and very capable, for something more family friendly, a 4Runner. we bought it with about 123K miles on it and it has been running strong. First on the...
  12. Steve Blair

    Coffee and Rigs meet in KY

    This initially started as a conversation but we wanted to spread the word and test the waters Looking to do a Coffee and Rigs meet somewhere around central KY on either Saturday September 9th or Sunday September 10th. We'll meet up and compare schedules and start the ground work on a bigger...
  13. SwimWill

    Subaru Forester 2016

    Been working on a Subaru Forester 2016 for a year now. This is what I got now. More pics to come. Exterior 30" led light bar combo 150w 13k lumens 2x 8" led light bar 18 w 1350 lumens each From Superbrightled.com Rally bar From Rallyinnovations.com Rhino luggage rack Mounted CB...
  14. Papa Wolf

    Next Overlandbound Off The Grid Rally

    Can someone please inform me on when the next Off The Grid Rally might take place for the western states area. I live in SoCal. Because of my job I need to plan for the days off in advance. I look forward to attending an event.:sunglasses:
  15. Michael

    "Off the Grid" Pictures

    Did you join us at the Rally? Share your pictures here!