rack canopy roof top tent

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  1. John Long

    US East Sold

    Location: Fayetteville, NC Gordi Gear Explorer Plus RTT $1250 Product#: ERT01 (140cm width) Link to Gordi Gear Explorer Plus website with a full product description, detailed list of specification, and literal hundreds of customer photos: Gordigear - Explorer Plus This RTT is incredibly...
  2. ovrit

    2017 f150 canopy, topper. Help!

    looking to put a aluminum canopy/topper on the truck. The generic ones on the market are not quite what I want. I have found fab shops in the east and north.[+freight gets expensive] Like to buy local so I can have input and see what I am purchasing. So does any body know of a fab shop in...
  3. UntilWeAreLost

    Gobi Gen 3 Rack Jeep JKU Rubbing Roof

    Hey, did a search and couldn't find anything that mentioned this. I installed my Gobi Rack on my JKU yesterday and the back arm which supports the rear of my rack rubs my hard top and causes an unbearable squeaking noise. I can only imagine what it has done to the paint on my way into work...
  4. TylerC

    RTT on a Canopy

    Hi all. Just curious to know if anyone has any pictures or ideas of a roof top tent on a canopy. I have just put a canopy on my truck. I drive a Ram 1500 short box. I used to have my roof top tent on a rack I built to keep it out of the wind, below the cab. I'm now trying to figure out...