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  1. Sjo527

    Question about 270 Awnings - Specificaly Pickup Setups without caps.

    Hello all, I've been entertaining the idea of an awning for some time now but not quite sure what I want to invest in. I really like the look and coverage of those 270 Degree awnings and a few are in my budget. The only thing holding me back is a very particular question. I have a Roof Rack and...
  2. D

    What Is The Best Source Of Electricity?

    What is the best source of electricity for an overlansing vehicle. Like if I had a pickup truck with a bed cap and I had electric appliances in it, what is the best way to power them, as the truck’s battery can not power it all. Is a generator good? Solar panels? What is a good source? Thanks
  3. Zach Jacobe

    Wrangler JL to JK Tires?

    Hello fellow overlanders! I have recently upgraded to a jeep wrangler. I absolutely love the new JL Rubicon Rims and tire combo. SO! to my fellow Overland Bound Jeepers, does anyone know if the JL Rubicon wheels can bolt on to the JK safely? I have heard the bolt pattern is the same but the...
  4. stickel

    Tire Carrier: Driver or passenger side?

    Alright, I've searched but my Google-foo isn't as strong as I'd like for this topic. I'm curious, for those of you with rear bumper tire carriers which side is your spare tire mounted on and which way does it swing out? For bonus points, why did you choose that side? I'm leaning towards having...
  5. Boort

    A way to search for members by Rig

    @Michael & OB Team Is there a good way to search for members by their Rig? So far the best I've found is searching for rig in plain text but that is difficult as many different ways to name rigs. IE do I search for "2006 4 Runner" "2006 4Runner" "06 4 Runner" "Gen4 4 Runner" "4th Gen...