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  1. AaronOffroader

    New Member -Aaron Offroader - 2018 Prado 150 Kakadu 35s - Greetings Guys

    Hi There Guys This is my first post. trying to get the hang around the Overlandbound Platform and Community Via Australia I hope to add a lot of value here via write ups and blogs in the future I have 2x Insta accounts @AaronOffroader and @offthegridmedia 1x Youtube Account @AaronOffroader if...
  2. Zappe

    Hello from Colorado Front Range

    I live about 20 miles north of Denver in Dacono and am a novice at overlanding since I’ve never been on an overland adventure. I do love to explore and hike because I’m a newer landscape photographer. I bought my 4Runner so I’d be safe and secure off road and be able to expand adventures with...
  3. Rico Larroque

    Alabama Hills, Need Some Suggestions

    Hello! I recently went to Alabama Hills for the first time this last weekend. It was amazing! My purpose for building up my 4Runner is for my photography hobby, I love to take night shots with rad landscapes and the Milky Way. Below are some examples of what I shoot when it's Milky Way season...
  4. forestersg6

    New to Overlanding, new to the site

    Hey, everyone. I'm Phil, from Lansing, MI. I'm new to Overlanding, camping, off-roading and the outdoor life in general. I love cars, and I love gear. I've got a 2006 Subaru Forester 2.5X with a 5-speed, and am about to purchase some king lift springs for it, as well as do some general...