overland rig

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  1. Tres

    Full coverage rig insurance?

    Been building up my rig for about 2 years. At this point I am WAY over the book value of my 89 Ford Bronco, but I can't find full coverage insurance. Any idea how to find insurance for a built 4x4, AND get full value for the upgrades? I am worried about theft and would really like some insurance.
  2. Ovrwatch

    SOLD Nor Cal 2000 TJ with Trailer and tent

    Jeep Wrangler TJ - $19,000 JEEP: 2000 Wrangler TJ Sport 4.0L inline 6 – 150 lbs of compression in all 6 cylinders 100,000 miles 5 speed manual transmission AC Alpine MP3 stereo with blue tooth Roll bar sound bar Removable hardtop and doors UPGRADES & MODIFICATIONS: Full interior roll cage...
  3. Kyle & Kari Frink

    Aloha Trail Kitty Rig (2011 Jeep Wrangler/JKU)

    Figure we would start a thread about the journey our family rig has taken to get where we are, and the many more upgrades to come. Will post photos soon!
  4. Traveling Together

    Dodge 2500 Cummins for Australia?

    I've been researching stats and narrowing down my list of potential build platforms for a global expedition vehicle. I plan to do a major time consuming build and would really like to pick the right platform for my needs. A 1997/98 Dodge Ram 2500 with Cummins 6bt 12 valve and manual...
  5. Road

    SOLD Toyota Tacoma, lots of mods, Georgia, $35K

    A couple I know just recently through insta is selling their Tacoma. NOTE: The Tacoma is SOLD but they still have the RTT and Skid Plates. If interested in either of those, contact them, not me, through the info below. It has an extensive list of upgrades for the road and camping. They spent...
  6. Hank Outdoors

    ARB Style Awning from Walmart

    A friend just keyed me into these at Walmart. Three sizes (Sizes, prices and links below) and based on the images they appear to be very similar to the ARB vehicle awnings. For the price I think I may have to try one!!! 4.6' x 6.6' - $103.09...
  7. Eric Haltom

    Magnus Rising!

    So I have a 2017 Ram Power Wagon which I am converting into an overland rig. I have a long list of things I'd like to do, how fast I do them or if I do them is another story... but here's Magnus. And as of right now Magnus is bone stock other than the license plate frame and windshield...
  8. BigJoe1960

    What Overland Vehicle?

    I'm buying an Overland caravan camper (Conqueror UEV-490 Extreme). With that said, I have 3 children and a total of 5 to haul around. The camper weighs around 5K loaded with gear and is 16ft long from tongue to rear. So, I'd like any and all input on the "appropriate vehicle" to build for my...