onboard air

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  1. Tooolman

    Onboard air compressor system

    I have a 2017 Tacoma Off Road and I would like to add an onboard air system. I'm currently leaning towards a Viair 425C dual compressor system with a 2.5 gallon tank. Has anyone installed a similar system (dual compressors and tank) on a Tacoma? Where did you locate the components?
  2. Natchez

    ARB Compressor Mounting

    Where is everyone mounting their Compressors? I just picked up an ARB CKMTA12 and I'm not sure where the best place to mount it would be. Its going on a daily driven 2015 Silverado. I know the second battery tray would be the easiest but I want to go dual battery eventually.
  3. 300WMTUCK

    FOR SALE Roseville/Sacramento Area- Smittybilt 5.56CFM Air Compressor, BNIB-$145 obo

    BNIB Smittybilt 2781 Heavy Duty Air Compressor Kit. Purchased it as a Christmas gift for my Dad as I have the same one on my truck. I didn't know he had already traded for a VIAIR 300P and didn't need this one. Below is the information from Smittybilt. For the added convenience of being...
  4. Rubyredfozzy

    On board air

    What on board air systems have been useful and what ones are not worth the time. I want to add a set up so i can air up and down when needed and run some air tools on the trail. Im interested in your experiences.
  5. HammPhoto

    JKU air tank "box"/OBA

    Last summer for my birthday I was given a Viair Heavy Duty OBA kit. supposedly these are "ready to install" for my purposes i threw out most of the kit outside of the compressor, hoses and tank. If I could do it again I would piecemeal the whole thing instead of the kit, route. The in box kit...