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  1. TheGreatWhiteBuffalo

    6" lift on Tacoma?? For serious use...

    Hey guys. I’ve owned a 2016 taco for a few years, finally got it all decked it out with armor, tires, etc. I had full BP-51 setup on it and loved it. Loved off roading it and actually took it on some pretty rough stuff. I had all steel armor below, slid down rocks, got a little flexy with a tire...
  2. radventurer

    2016 WK2 Grand Cherokee Build

    Jeep Wahoo: 2016 Grand Cherokee Laredo I stumbled upon Jeep Wahoo by accident. Truck Norris, our gas guzzling 2013 XTerra, was a little rough to drive from the flat lands of North Eastern Ohio to our vacation destinations in the mountains. We'd made several, annual road trips out west in the...
  3. Funkyninja23

    OME 886 Springs for Tacoma

    Hi Everyone New member here with some OME springs for sale. Good condition OME (Old man emu) 886 springs for Tacoma Drove up to the mtns to buy these this weekend and ended up taking a different route with my setup. I will also have a sett of 884s coming off my rig later next month (8 months...
  4. Zerobird

    Story of my Xterra

    Here is my attempt at a build thread to join the ranks of so many awesome rigs out there. My wife was the original owner and I inherited it when our son was born. I sold my 04 supercharged Frontier and VR6 Jetta and the wife got a 15 Cherokee Trailhawk. So as my Xterra is about to hit 120k it...
  5. FrankR

    Wanted OME 889 Coils

    Looking for a set of Old Man Emu 889 Rear Coils for a 2010+ 4Runner.
  6. FrankR

    SOLD 1997 LX450

    A friend of mine is selling his LX450, thought I would share with you guys. It is a built rig ready to go. Pricey, but it is all done up! The link below has his list of MODS. 1997 Lexus LX450 Black, Supercharged, Lifted, Low Miles Lodi, CA Contact is...