offroad trailer

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  1. nolimitsoverland

    Picking Up Our Overland Trailer the Patriot Camper X3 - YouTube

    Our first video of the 2021 year and first video on our channel! Watch as we travel to Durant, OK to Exploration Outfitters in our 2020 Jeep Rubicon Diesel to pick up our new off-grid and off-road overland trailer, the Patriot Camper X3. We get a chance to interview Matt Green, CEO & Founder of...
  2. OffroadRn

    US Southwest Runaway Coolcamp Custom Offroad Teardrop Trailer

    This is a 2019 Runaway Coolcamp Teardrop Trailer that I converted to meet my offroad needs. We took it on a 2000 mile trip to New Mexico and Colorado this summer after the build with no issues. I have not done any interior mods since that was on my to-do list for 2021, but we found that we just...
  3. I

    5500lb M105 Single Axle Camping Trailer w/ electric brakes $2,450.00 CDN (Lower Mainland BC)

    US Navy M105 trailer I retrofitted for a camping trailer. Drove across Canada with no problem. Trailer will not include tent (or my gf). - Brand new 7000lb axle with electric brakes (down-rated to 5500 lbs because of distance from spring centers) - Chevy HD truck tires and rims with spare -...
  4. JKSteve13

    US Southwest Jeep Trailer & Tent ***SOLD***

    Selling a custom built Jeep trailer with a Freespirit Recreation Jeep tent and awning. --All steel trailer with tent rack --M49 Freespirit Recreation Tent and awning --3500lb axle --LED trailer lights --Aluminum wheels with BFG mud terrain tires --Underside mounted spare tire with hoist...
  5. Dana Ramos

    Please Delete

    Nevermind. No longer for sale, please delete.
  6. Bandit

    Wanted Offroad Trailer Western US

    Looking for a basic offroad trailer in the western US. Budget is around 3k. Curious at what is out there. Send any and all. If you can build me one within my budget I am interested in that as well.
  7. Darkside Overland

    Darkside's Hiker Trailer 5x9 Offroad Build

    Finally picked up our 5x9 Offroad from Hiker at the Overland Expo east on October 1st. It was a demo at the show for Wes Henry, the owner of the Indiana arm of Hiker Trailers. Below is a photo from when we just picked it up to head home. This thread will track the build and some fun along the way.
  8. Robert OB 33/48

    Base Camp Trailer. Overland Band Europe style

    Hello folks, I already wrote a lot about my trailer in my Rigs topic, but I guess it is time to just highlight my little trailer here. To understand the trailer I have to tell some things about Europe, our Rigs and the way we do Overlanding or Greenlaning. Our cars are more or less all smaller...
  9. Dean

    My "Poor Man's Teardrop" off-road camping trailer (M101 based)

    Background: Why a trailer? A few things contributed to my desire to have an enclosed off-road camping trailer. First, I was sick and tired of dealing with a tent. I found out the hard way I'm not as young as I once was (ow, my back), I waste a lot of time setting and packing up my tent...
  10. Dana Ramos

    Hiker Trailer 5x9 Offroad Build

    I got a lot of questions and photo/video requests after chiming in on another thread so I figured I'd start my own thread on our Hiker Trailer build. Up until last year we had a 4x8 Deluxe (non-Off-Road) model. We were able to take that little trailer quite a few places. For the most part, it...