offroad subaru

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  1. tcederwall

    2006 Ubaru Forester

    Hello Overlanders! New member #2467 here! My wife and I bought the Forester just over a year ago to replace my 1966 Plymouth Barracuda as my daily driver. I never had any set plans on doing much with it, but after a couple trips and seeing the growing community of offroad subarus, ideas started...
  2. Wawa Skittletits

    Subaru Owners Registry

    Since I joined Overland Bound I've seen an increasing number of Subaru driving members. Please feel free to post a picture of your vehicle, a quick description if you like, and a link to your build thread. 2015 Outback Limited Here's a short list of the more obvious, and some that aren't...
  3. Wawa Skittletits

    ...but it's a Subaru Outback?! Build thread.

    I've been wrenching on things since my father taught me how but in all the vehicles that I've altered I've never started a build thread. I've always been more concerned with getting the installation done and then getting out there to try it out but here it goes.. I purchased my 2015 Outback to...
  4. HudsonZRoamer

    2010 Subaru Forester (Turbo) Overland Build Thread

    Thought I start a build thread on here starting TODAY! :tonguewink: Even though I have been building this rig for the past three years..haha Here is a link to my complete build thread and modifications list for future reference. Subaru Forester Overland Build Subaru Forester Overland Mt...