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  1. Tommys

    Ready for 5K?

    When starting any adventure, one must weigh in the risk. Right? Well, it has been some time since I started to adventure (overlanding), and now, we took the leap. A leap that took us into places of wonder and awe! I started a video intro if you want to learn what we did and avoid the...
  2. Adventures with Penny

    2WD Touring with the Peisers

    We'll post our photos from our trip here as we take them. Cheers!
  3. Adventures with Penny

    Overland Honeymoon Trip

    I am planning a trip for our honeymoon for the first 2 weeks of July and was wondering if anyone had some great campsites or things to see along this route. Thanks!
  4. Kuzi

    Minot ND to glacier national Park

    I live in Minot north Dakota. I want to make trip this year to glacier national Park . I am looking for ideas on best places to stay in park or out side park (preference is in the park). My rig is Toyota Tacoma with rooftop .
  5. APtrail2005

    Back door into Glacier National Park

    If your ever in North Western Montana you have to drive up the North Fork River, easy drive for any type of vehicle. This drive will take you North from Columbia Falls MT along the western side of Glacier National Park without having to pay a service fee. As you travel North you'll pass thru...
  6. Aaron Niemi

    Spokane to Silver Lake Montana - 07/13/2018

    Plan on leaving Spokane Friday 7/13/18 at about noon. We will drive east on I90 until Saltese Montana. From there we'll exit and head west onto Silver Creek Rd, which quickly turns to gravel/fire maintenance road and begin climbing into the mountains. Once on silver creek rd, it's about an hour...
  7. Corrie

    Corrie and Michael in Bozeman Montana - 05/28/2018

    Last minute! Well after dodging tornados yesterday which caused a change in plans - we will be in Bozeman Montana tonight! We are going to stop by and grab a bite at the Montana Ale Works at 6:00PM. If you are in the area, stop by and say, "hello"! 611 E Main St, Bozeman, MT 59715 View Rally...
  8. J

    Howdy from Burbank!

    Hey there! Just joined in the last week, and got encouraged to post an intro message. Here's the scoop: 1) LOCATION: We split our time between Burbank, CA and Missoula, Montana. 2) Favorite locations: The California high desert, the Eastern Sierras and the mountains of Western Montana. 3)...
  9. SLO_Goat

    Cross Country(ies) in the TJ

    Howdy ya'll! In late May, I'll be taking my '97 TJ from the Bay to Augusta, GA. The only two hard objectives of this trip are to visit CU Boulder and get to Augusta by June 12. I am under no illusion that my route will stay as planned (linked Excel sheet) and I'll post updates as it's refined...
  10. wrmmt

    2013 Silverado - "The Raven"

    Growing up in the mountains here in Montana, I was always into camping, hiking, skiing, biking, pretty much anything to get outside. I always have enjoyed camping and exploring the backroads, but had never really known too much about overlanding or overlanding vehicles until a few years ago...
  11. wrmmt

    Hi from Montana!

    Hey everyone! Excited to be here! Had an eye on Overland Bound for a little while but just finally getting around to joining up. I grew up here in MT and have been hiking, camping, skiing, and biking for pretty much my whole life. I have been out camping and "overlanding" before I knew...
  12. BeastModeABM

    Montana Off-Road Trails

    Hi all! I'll be moving to Montana in January. Are there any famous or fun trails you locals know about and would recommend?