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  1. Wranglervirus

    EU Mid Europe Weekend escape

    Hi Dears, Lately we are getting more and more freedom for travels do to Covid in Lithuaniaso. With couple of friends we decided to check some local Forest road around our area it was a great weekend trips with some BBQ. As one of the fellow said men escaped from the wife’s weekend :)
  2. Robert OB 33/48

    EU Mid Europe Easter camp with little trips

    Going to the north of the Netherlands for an Easter Camp out. Doing two track days on the saturday and the sunday. Joining us just for a day is possible. View Rally Point
  3. Polaris Overland

    Cancelled CANCELLED / POSTPONED Abenteuer & Allrad 2020

    The biggest Overland and Adventure Vehicle Show in Europe and possibly the world. The show every Overlander needs to attend. Followed by a trip to Zermatt to view the Matterhorn for those that want to continue the trip a bit longer (Separate Rally Point to be generated)View Rally Point
  4. Robert OB 33/48

    EU Mid Europe Back to the Luneburger Heide

    After the nice trip we did with the Jeep Experience club, we like to go back and have our own drive again there. Just with max six Rigs and doing camping.
  5. Rockwilder

    Navigation - Pro's and Con's of the different systems/Apps

    Hi everybody, In almost every tread here, people talk about navigation and especially wich navigation app they use. Currently I'am searching for the best way to organise my navigation, on- and off-road. I thought it would be a good idea to open a special tread just for that topic. It would be...
  6. rhihealey

    Just wanted to say hello!

    Hey everyone, new member here! My name is Rhi and I’m from the UK. My rig is a 1986, ex-military, Land Rover 90; who goes by the name of Dougal :) I have been overlanding with my family since I was very small, so it’s all I know travel wise, but now I have my own rig so I can go on my own...
  7. Robert OB 33/48

    Just a week through France

    Hello folks, Here a small report about our trip through France. I am writing the report on the mid-Europe section, but here I will try to keep you informed as well. All the pictures are on my Facebook page. And here I will copy my report. Today is day 4 and it is time to hit the sack. Well...
  8. Robert OB 33/48

    Poland 2018

    Hello folks, We went for a small trip to Poland this Easter. Just a little bit into that country, just passed Berlin in Germany and had a great time in the Western part of Poland. We were with five cars, and two of them left one day early, but the others drove it all. Spending one night in a...
  9. Robert OB 33/48

    Northern Netherlands the water country explorer Tour - 04/26/2018

    To explore the northern part of the Netherlands, called Groningen. Together with Friesland these provinces are the wettest ones of the Netherlands, if you dont count the southern islands of Zeeland. Loads of lakes, canals, creeks and small rivers are cutting through the fields. Old fishing...