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  1. Iridium

    US Rocky Mountain Northern Colorado Trail Ride/Meetup

    The trails in Northern Colorado are finally open! Come join us for a trail ride/meetup as we explore a few trails in the Red Feathers area.View Rally Point
  2. Buzzard13

    Cancelled Casual Cruise In @ Penny's Pit

    Swing by get some food and talk with other members of the off road & overlanding community.
  3. ZetRocks

    US Southwest Taco Tuesday Truck Talk

    Over-lander Meet & Greet in NE Houston at Hectors Mexican Restaurant on 3rd Taco Tuesday of each month (NOT Truck Specific).
  4. Inthewoods

    US West Visalia Meet up

    Reoccurring meeting for Visalia, Fresno and surrounding areas.View Rally Point
  5. Inthewoods

    US West Visalia area Meet-up

    A meet and greet and discuss how to plan out the next year.View Rally Point
  6. Amanda C

    CA Atlantic Canada Coffee and Donuts @ Tim Hortons

    The meet up would be a chance for overland Bound members and non members to meet for a coffee and donut in the Oshawa area on me!View Rally Point
  7. Adewynewy

    US West Bay Area/Coast Meet Up 10/5/19

    NOTE: THE RSVP FUNCTION DOESN'T SEEM TO BE WORKING.******* Hey Guys! I am trying to start a regular meeting. Once we can get some names and faces ( and Rigs) matched, I'd love to start trying to coordinate days out on the trials and weekend trips. My goal for this meet up is to link up with...
  8. Todd & Meg

    US Southwest East Valley, Phoenix Meet UP

    This is a Meet and Greet in the East Valley but is open to anyone. Rudy's BBQ in Gilbert. 1733 N Higley Rd Gilbert, AZ 85234 We will meet at 6:30 if you are coming to eat, then will move out to the parking lot for awhile (If it is too hot we'll just stay inside). You are welcome to come at...
  9. Todd & Meg

    US Southwest Phoenix, East Vslley meet up

    This is a Meet and Greet in the East Valley but is open to anyone. Rudy's BBQ in Gilbert. 1733 N Higley Rd Gilbert, AZ 85234 We will meet at 6:30 if you are coming to eat, then will move out to the parking lot for awhile (If it is too hot we'll just stay inside). You are welcome to come at...
  10. FiddyOverland17179

    Is it about time for meet up? Lower mainland BC

    Hey team, Ive seen a few members around The greater Vancouver Area but I cant seem to find any planned trips. Should we plan a get together for June or July? Open to all.
  11. Hank Outdoors


    Hello East Region Overlanders!!! Let's get the East going! Anyone have any interest in setting up a "local to you" meet-up, trip, Rigs and Coffee or Pigs and Rigs? Spring is on the way...let me know how I can help! Message me @Hank Outdoors if you're itching for more events in your area...
  12. ryanjohnsonhunt

    Growing the New Zealand OB community - meet ups, FB group, etc

    I am honoured to be the new Member Representative for NZ, and am really excited to be part of growing a local OB community here. There is definitely a wave of enthusiasm for adventures in the outdoors general and 4x4 going at the moment, especially in the cities like Auckland where people want...
  13. Hank Outdoors

    Plans for Spring?

    Who in the East is planning a trip or meetup for this coming Spring or sooner? Would you like to? Rally Point is there to help you plan your event. If you have any questions let me know! Meet ups are a great way to get to know OB members close to you and begin to plan trips. Whether you all...
  14. Robert OB 33/48

    Winter meetup Northern Netherlands

    Hello folks, We have another meetup in the north of the Netherlands. 7 till 9th of december. So, what does that mean? Well we arrive on the Friday, have a great evening with some good food and drinks. Campfire. The saturday is a little tour up north. Again a good evening with food, drinks...
  15. totalnobody

    CENTRAL OHIO RIGS and Coffee (Columbus)

    Nov. 4th 11:00 til 4:00 We would like to invite everyone to an afternoon to check out each others rigs and get build ideas and advice ,hang out As this will be the first in this area we can discuss future locations when we are together. If you have parts or gear you would like to trade or...
  16. Kevigizmo

    Meet Up Location Ideas

    Hey Everyone! So lets try and get some idea's for locations where we can organise some Meet's We appreciate that we are all fairly well scattered around and not everyone is able to travel a huge distance to attend, but if we can come up with some locations we can work from that Nickburt...
  17. Michael Mayfarth

    Puget Sound Overland and Coffee at Mule Expedition Outfitters - 04/28/2018

    Come have some coffee, eat some doughnuts and look at some cool overlanding rigs. Vehicles from all makes welcome and the more the merrier. Plan a convoy from an area and roll in... This edition will be at Mule Expedition Outfitter's new location. They will have the store open and ready to go...
  18. Kris Monroe

    Mojave Road after Overland Expo West 2018

    Hey Overlanders! I am planning to drive the Mojave road, heading westward, immediately following Overland Expo West 2018. (Approx. May 21-25, give or take) This will be my first time driving the road and would love to caravan with others! Anyone who has done it before - joining the journey or...
  19. Lower48Outfitters

    Lexington, KY - Lucky's Offroad St. Patrick's Sale Event - Saturday March 17

    I'd like to personally invite any Overland Bound folks out to the event so we can shake hands, put a face to the name and discuss our camping trips and event rides for the summer! Hope to see some folks out! It’s that time again! The Lucky’s Autosports and Offroad St. Patrick’s Sale Event...
  20. stevenboise

    Greater Treasure Valley (Idaho) Meet Up - 01/04/18

    I've seen some talk around the forums for a meet up for southern Idaho / Treasure Valley but no dates. So I thought I would take the plunge and set one up for after the holidays. So here goes: Date: Thursday, January 4, 2018. Time: 1900 hrs Place: Payette Brewery on River St (733 S...