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  1. summervijx

    US Southwest DFW - Meet & Greet

    Just interested in getting to know people in the area and to set up future plans. View Rally Point
  2. summervijx

    DFW - Meetup for June 2021

    Hi all, I see that the DFW area is a bit lackluster when it comes to events and meetups, and was not able to see that anything had been scheduled recently. So I would like to propose a meet and greet, the last weekend of June (06/25/2021). I want to get an idea of others that would be...
  3. DharmaBum

    New Member out of Long Beach/South Bay area

    Good day fellow OB compatriots, Been road tripping/camping out of my '18 Subaru Forester for the last 2+ years but would like to start getting further of highway and deeper into public lands. Trying to build up my [soft]road skills and push my rig/self further. Would love to meet up for some...
  4. H

    Quad Cities IA/IL

    New to the area and overlanding, anyone up for meet up after Chritmas? -Holland
  5. B

    Georgia Meet Ups??

    New to the page and community. Was wondering if there are any up coming events in the South East Region. Thanks so much, Bo
  6. ryanjohnsonhunt

    OC New Zealand OLB Members Meet & Greet - 02/16/2019

    Informal Meet & Greet for OLB Members. Will be good to put faces to names, check out each other's vehicles, and swap trip ideas. Bring your own food and your gear to cook it on, I'm keen to see everyone's different cooking setups! Coordinates lead to a cool little spot in Cornwall Park away...
  7. Get Out GO

    ZA Roll call

    Hi Folks, Looking at the map and some of the posts, it looks like there are at least a few South Africans here. Please chime in; who's here, where are you from and since there hasn't been one yet, would you be interested in an SA meetup? Cheers, Christoff
  8. ryanjohnsonhunt

    Growing the New Zealand OB community - meet ups, FB group, etc

    I am honoured to be the new Member Representative for NZ, and am really excited to be part of growing a local OB community here. There is definitely a wave of enthusiasm for adventures in the outdoors general and 4x4 going at the moment, especially in the cities like Auckland where people want...
  9. TerryD

    Cancelled Western Virginia Roanoke Meet-up

    **THIS IS THE OLD THREAD** We still have meet-ups and hope you'll join us. This thread had some issues post-migration we just couldn't get squared away so we started a new Rally Point and thread here: PLEASE...
  10. Hank Outdoors

    Rigs and Pigs Meet Up - Scarborough, Maine - 09/08/2018

    Let's get together, have some lunch, check out rigs, meet new people and talk overlanding! View Rally Point Details
  11. MA_Trooper

    US East Northern VA / MD Monthly Meetups

    We decided to pull some of Maryland in with the Northern VA meetups for the time being, as there are only a few out there and they appear to be closer to where that meetup will likely be than they are to Eastern MD. That, said, it could all change in the blink of an eye as we get things going...