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  1. Ranger Brand

    US East Saturday Rigs and Coffee (MD)

    Rigs and Coffee in Eastern MD (Hanover, MD) View Rally Point
  2. Pixelsaurus

    Cancelled DMV Overland Meetup

    Talk truck, trails and trip planning
  3. BikeManDan

    DELMARVA locations?

    Hi everyone, I can't wait to head out again after COVID-19! I'm planning a 4-5 night trip somewhere in DELMARVA and am looking for suggestions. I'm reasonably familiar with the area, but know there's always new places to discover. In the past I've stayed at Assateague/Chincoteague, Henlopen...
  4. mlivesay

    Cancelled Central Maryland Rigs & Coffee Monthly Meetup

    Time for some socially distant, outdoor interaction.View Rally Point
  5. LuckyDeuce

    US East ARB Awning and Enclosed Room

    Sold Items have been used on 4 camping trips, still in good condition. Awning is the 2.5m x 2.5m version. All tie-downs/guy wires included Located in the MD area. Please be close (MD/VA/DC/PA) or willing to drive for pick-up
  6. Ian McAdorey

    MD or DE Camping Locations Near the Beach

    I am looking for somewhere that I can set up my rooftop tent and enjoy a sunrise or sunset around the MD or DE area. I am sure this is a tough one to come by but is there any camping locations that are as close to the water as possible or even on the beach? This will be for one night, Saturday...
  7. Bear Wrangler

    Assateague Island Rally Point - 08/25/2018

    Twenty-five minutes south of Ocean City Maryland, come join the Rally Point around a base camp flag on Assateague Island National Seashore OSV and hang out with fellow Overland Bound people. Enjoy a relaxed environment on a semi-private stretch of beach. Watch the ponies, fish, relax, talk...
  8. Nathaniel Elliott

    Assateague Island OSV

    Just returned from a trip to Assateague Island where we were there for a few days with our two kids and a friend with her three kids. A bit cold but honestly I love getting out there. Would anyone be up for a meetup on the beach at some point for fishing, fires, and food?
  9. B

    Greetings from Maryland!

    Hey all, I'm Mike, hailing from Bodymore, Murderland.. err, sorry, Baltimore, Maryland. Very much new to overlanding but I've been camping a lot over the last several years. My daily driver is a 2012 Highlander which has been absolutely outstanding thus far. I have no desire to get rid of it...
  10. Epic Overland

    Mid Atlantic Subaru Overlanders

    I've been spending some time on the DC/MD/VA meet up thread, but for the most part it seems more like a Taco, 4Runner, Jeep-bro thread. It's not that they're not welcoming, I'm just looking to connect with more Subaru Overlanders. I'm really interested in dialing in some Subaru-centric meet ups...
  11. Justin Roach

    2WD Overlanding

    Hey guys, new to the forum and wanted to get some advice on how to get into overlanding with just a 2WD Ford Ranger. I have a truck cap for it and have built a drawer system and platform bed to sleep on. I have planned out a 3 day trip up the east coast (I'm based in Maryland) but that is just...
  12. PenmanPhoto

    Maryland to Denver/Estes Park CO

    Hey all! I am planning a trip from Southern Maryland to Denver/Estes Park CO. Does anyone have any suggestions for National Parks, scenic spots, trails, general "must-see" spots? It is greatly appreciated! Thank you! -PenmanPhoto